DC Direct’s 12” Deluxe Poison Ivy Figure

Just in: A new 1:6 scale Poison Ivy figure from DC Direct, showcasing Gotham City’s femme fatale of flora. Given the innocence in her expression, it’s a very different Poison Ivy than the general seductive pout the figures generally showcase, but nevertheless a striking rendering of a great villain.

She features a pair of costumes with the corset removable to reveal her more traditional skin-tight green number. She comes packaged in a deluxe 4-colour window box and boasts 28 points of articulation, meaning you can expect some great posing potential from a character known to be just as slinky as Catwoman.

But there’s more good news for Batman fans! It’s not much, but Christopher Nolan recently spoke about the end of his trilogy. Here’s the scoop from MoviesOnline.ca:

In an interview with EMPIRE Christopher Nolan talked about the upcoming and highly anticipated sequel to DARK KNIGHT. By the sounds of it this will be the last film and will ‘wrap up’ Chris Nolans involvement. He told Empire;

My brother is working on the screenplay. We came up with a story we are very excited about. We particularly like where we are taking the characters and what the ending is…[it will be] the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story.”

It should be interesting to see where this goes since at the end of Dark Knight Batman was now a wanted man and the story had taken a very dark turn. No word yet on who will be the villain but it would be fantastic to see Batman as a wanted man trying to help Gotham while evading capture.

DC Direct’s 12-inch Poison Ivy Deluxe Figure

A literal femme fatale, renowned Gotham botanist Dr. Pamela Isley is best known under her villainous Alias, Poison Ivy. A foe as deadly as she is seductively beautiful, Ivy has truly earned her place in Batman’s infamous Rogues Gallery and thus this rendering by DC Direct.

This new figure is available for pre-order now and ships in May of this year. She stands 12 inches tall and features real cloth on her bustier, which can be removed to reveal her classic costume worn beneath. Definitely a neat take on the overall look, with an oddly wanting, innocent expression on a character whose range rarely exceeds the knowingly sensual. Definitely one for collectors, though my personal tastes tend to lean toward the considerably less poisonous Catwoman (shipping in March!).