The CW’s Arrow adds six-inch Felicity Smoak to its lineup

How can you not love this awesome hacker and IT specialist? One of Oliver Queen’s most trusted allies, she has the ability to gain access to otherwise locked-down electronic databases and systems in order to help Queen carry out his missions. How many of us can say we have a friend like that? Goals.

Here, she stands six inches tall and sports her no-nonsense “hacktivist” uniform of white collared shirt and dark skirt. She comes in window-box packaging for easy display and with interchangeable hand parts, to boot. Your Arrow collection won’t be complete without her, so get your order in!

Smoak show.

Smoak show.

Deathstroke from the CW’s Arrow springs into action

The CW’s Arrow chronicles the saga of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen after he’s spent years on a deserted island and decides to revisit his old stomping grounds, Starling City. Marching into first place as the CW’s highest-rated show in five years, Arrow has proved to be nothing to sneeze at.

Now with this six-inch Deathstroke, you can re-create all of the legendary battle scenes between Queen and Slade Wilson from season two of the show! A staple of the DC Comics empire, Deathstroke the Terminator is one supervillain your collection can’t exist without. Grab him now!

He looks friendly. What's the big deal?

He looks friendly. What’s the big deal?

ArtFX presents The New 52 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen accomplished a lot in his lifetime — he taught himself to survive with a bow and arrow on a deserted island, he made himself into a billionaire businessman, he became the owner of Queen Industries and he turned into a local celebrity in his hometown of Star City. But all of these feats pale in comparison to his work as the Green Arrow, deploying his trick arrows to aid the Justice League in the nick of time.

Here, he gets a makeover in The New 52 style courtesy of ArtFX by Kotobukiya. Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, here he is positively radiant in 1/10 scale, living up to the moniker of Emerald Archer. He stands seven inches tall and is pictured holding his graceful weaponry in a poised stance. Grab him today!

Poised to shoot.

Poised to shoot.

New version of sold-out Oliver Queen statue from the CW’s Arrow

One of the highest-rated CW TV series, Arrow, based on the life of Green Arrow/billionaire Lothario Oliver Queen, has been critically acclaimed and received a wide following. Now you can own a piece of the riveting story with this statue, an “unhooded” version of the show’s tortured protagonist. Standing 13 inches tall by toymakers Gentle Giant, the sculpt is true to Stephen Amell’s portrayal of the vigilante.

When it comes to the many sides of his role, Amell has said himself that he has embodied “Queen the casual playboy, Queen the wounded hero, Queen the brooding Hamlet, Queen the lover [and] Queen the man of action.” Celebrate all of these dynamic forms with the new version of this originally sold-out statue. Head down with mask donned, he features the new bow seen in the second season of the series. This guy is running in a limited series of only 5,200, so make sure you reserve yours for April delivery before it’s sold out again.

(Looking for more Arrow toys? We have the hooded Arrow, Deathstroke and the Flash available for preorder too!)


After a time shipwrecked on a deserted island Castaway-style, Queen returns to his city to right the wrongs committed by his deranged father.

After a time shipwrecked on a deserted island Castaway-style, Queen returns to his city to right the wrongs committed by his deranged father.

New 52 Green Arrow

Oliver Queen got a serious overhaul from the man we new before the launch of the New 52 and he’s looking awesome minus the van dyke.

A Justice League figure, Ollie stands about 6 inches tall and features a bunch of articulation, awesome detail and, of course, a bow and arrow to get him ready for whatever’s on its way.