Super Mario Mini Figures: 6-figure Box Set

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bullet Bill, Bob-Omb and a Goomba make up the new Super Mario 6-Figure Box Set from Nintendo!

Each figure is about 2 inches tall and the clean-cut style and molding of the pieces is great for capturing the looks of Nintendo’s most popular heroes and villains. They’re great for any fan of the games, both old and new, and will not only look awesome when displayed, but pretty much demand to be set up as though they’re all part of a level running across the length of your shelf. In fact, I am going to go ahead and say that I insist you set them up that way.

This box set joins the rest of the Nintendo collection, which you can (and should) check out here.

Wii Sports Resort: $7 million sold!

The original Wii Sports was a free game that came with the Wii. It was was easy and concise and gave new players a chance to really get into the controls before they started up with Link or Samus in one of their bigger, badder games. But the surprise was how much fun it was. It might have been simple, but it was well-crafted and new enough that it merited a sequel.

When I first heard about Wii Sports Resort, I honestly didn’t see the point: giving a free, low-budget game a sequel with a real release? And doing so in a sea of licensed games or huge franchises carted out by Sony and Microsoft? Apparently, I was wrong to doubt. As you can read in this article from Cubed, sales of the game have been stellar.

Despite lower sales for Wii hardware, the follow-up to Wii Sports (which itself has now slipped past 50 million) has now sold 6.97 million copies worldwide, giving a fairly solid install base for MotionPlus-enabled owners.

Fellow software in the Wii range has also performed exceptionally well, with Wii Fit selling 22.5 million with the balance board, the expansion, Wii Fit Plus creeping past the 2 million mark and Mario Kart still hogging the charts at 18.4 million. The mini-game compilation bundled with Wii Remote, Wii Play knocked up 24.4 million.

Nintendo has also performed continually well with DS software, the classic 2D revival, New! Super Mario Bros selling 19.94 million copies, Mario Kart DS 16.1 million and Professor Layton and [the Diabolical] Box is at 1.26 million. The much desired Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes, Heart and Soul, together shipped 2.27 million, with Platinum topping 6.39 million.

And if you’re looking to get your hands on Wii Sports Resort or some of the other games mentioned above, check out!

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