Mortal Kombat – RETRO NINJA 4-PACK

Scorpion (yellow), Sub-Zero (blue), Smoke (grey) and Reptile (green) began their video game careers as mods of the same model and this figure 4-pack from Jazwares isn’t afraid to embrace those humble beginnings. Featuring some alternate heads for Scorpion and Reptile, the figures are about 6 inches tall and feature enough articulation to set up some brutal battles on your display shelf. It’s a cool tribute to video game days gone by.

X-Men Danger Room Sessions: PSYLOCKE 12-Inch Figure

The beautiful Psylocke finishes off a Sentinel in a Danger Room test run in this new KOTOBUKIYA statue. The Japanese company is widely-recognised for its highly-detailed sculptures and the great licenses they manage to acquire.

X-Men's Psylocke in the Danger Room

X-Men Danger Room Sessions: Psylocke stands at about 12-inches tall and the ninja herself is designed to be at about a 1:6 scale. Sculpted by the talented Erick Sosa, it’s a deluxe item that features built-in LEDs that illuminate the scene from below, giving it a striking and dramatic feel.

This awesome statue comes out March 2011, but you can already pre-order this figure now!