With tendrils of purple smoke curling at his feet, it’s clear we’ve caught Nightcrawler mid-BAMF in this awesome 8-inch figure from Marvel Select.

As with the other Marvel Select figures, it boasts even more detail (check out that face!) and some amazing articulation. If you’re a fan of the X-Men or just Nightcrawler wherever he pops up, be sure to pre-order this guy! He ships in June.

BAMF! The New Nightcrawler Statue from Sideshow

The newly-arrived NIGHTCRALWER statue is yet another impressive offering from the sculpting and design wizards at Sideshow Collectibles. The teleporting mutant stands about 19 inches tall as he BAMFs into view on a curling pink cloud of smoke and makes a brilliant addition to any Marvel fan’s display shelf.

But there’s more for X-Men fans! Check this one out:

PSYLOCKE is an impressive 17 inches tall as she reclines with a sheathed blade, looking cool and confident in her classic costume. Based on the work of Mark Brooks (whose print is included with the piece), it’s another proud entry into Sideshow’s incredibly Marvel collection.

BAMF! The New Sideshow Nightcrawler Pre-Order!

Forget what Urban Dictionary says (or maybe remember it, because it also describes the hero), BAMF is, was and always will be the sound of Kurt Wagner’s awesome teleportation powers, exhibited as NIGHTCRAWLER within the pages of many, many X-Men comics! Formerly “Bampf”, the shortened BAMF isn’t just a sound and a descriptor, it’s what he’s doing in this new statue from Sideshow Toys!

Pretty awesome, no? Leaping out of a burst of pink smoke, this Polystone Kurt stands at a whopping 19 inches tall, making him perfect as the centerpiece of any Marvel Sideshow collection or maybe just a toy shelf in desperate need of something rad to sit on its surface. He also comes with an extra switch-out portrait to make it look even cooler and give it unique display possibilities.

Each one is individually hand-painted, of course, and you can pre-order yours now! They ship in the first quarter of 2011.