Marc-Andre Fleury Figure Leads McFarlane NHL Series 23

Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is easily the most popular item from the newly-arrived series 23 of McFarlane’s NHL Hockey Figures. The 25 year-old goaltender’s 6-inch figure is flying off our shelves at a rate that would be surprising were he not among the most exciting players in hockey today. A Stanley Cup winner, his moves on the ice have been nothing short of dazzling, originating what is now referred to as he “Secret Service Save”. As one would hope, this figure of Fleury includes a miniature version of the Cup itself that can be placed in his hands and held aloft for the crowds to see. Definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of the team, whether you grab the original figure or its rare variant.

Also included in this series are a few more hockey greats: Alexander Ovechkin, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Luke Schenn and Teemu Selanne in a few different outfits for good measure. The variants, of course, are part and parcel of McFarlane’s new Collector Level program, which is their way of adding value to the line of figures with different versions and special accessories. For anyone out there who collects, take a look at this chart to know what’s what:

Coming VERY soon: New Hockey Toys!

The 23rd series of the massively popular McFarlane Toys line of NHL figures is almost here! Already available for pre-order, it should arrive in about a week. Which means, of course, that if you’re a fan and want to snag this line of all-new figures, you’ll have to act fast!

Series 23 comes with Marc-Andre Fleury, Alexander Ovechkin making the best face ever, silver fox Gordie Howe, Teemu Selanne, Bobby Orr and Luke Schenn. As usual, each figure features some pretty incredible sculpting and painting, capturing everything down to the last little detail. They come with bases that mimic the ice rink and stand in poses taken from life. Though I’m not a hockey fan, I am an action figure fan and I have to say that the dynamic quality of each one is pretty amazing. Sure, there isn’t much in the way of articulation, but the same can be said of NECA’s action figures and they don’t have half the life that McFarlane’s designers can boast. Really great stuff.

If you’re a collector, you’ll definitely want to grab these while you still can. And if you’re not, at least get this Ovechkin figure. It’s hilarious.

Roll up the Rim Tim

Roll up the Rim to Win

We finally received our shipment of McFarlane NHL Legends Series 8….and they look pretty awesome. This assortment contains one of my all-time favorite players: Tim Horton. I blogged about Tim in an earlier blog….Read it here!

tim horton hockey figure

This assortment also consist of:

  • Terry O’Reilly – Finally a Boston Bruin….We also definitely need more Irish guys!
  • Wayne Gretzky – Enough of him….we don’t need another Wayne figure!
  • Mario Lemieux – Super Mario is always a class act….so yea….I’m cool with this figure.
  • Terry Sawchuk – Great goalie from the good ole times!
  • Theoren Fleury – What the freak is he doing with these other guys! Look, I feel bad about what happened to him (getting molested by his junior coach) but he shouldn’t be with these guys. There are hundreds of other HOF players that could have been added instead.

The paint finish looks much better than previous series and overall they appear to be higher quality. I still question their player selection for each series though. Remember, you can always pick up individual figures or a set. You can also buy a sealed case of 8 figures and hope to get that valuable chase figure. We only have a limited amount of sealed cases left…..check it out at

mcfarlane nhl legends series 8

terry sawchuk figure

McFarlane SportsPicks: NBA Legends

We’ve just gotten a shipment of NBA Legends figures from McFarlane SportsPicks! It’s the fifth series of the 6-inch Legends collection and fans will be pleased to see some of the greats get their dues in this massively popular line of figures.

Series 4 features Magic Johnson (2), Dan Majerle, Joe Dumars, Karl Malone 2, John Havlicek and Hakeem Olajuwon. Each one is brilliantly sculpted in a pose that captures all the action of an NBA game and comes with a base and ball.

We’ve also got the new Collector Level assortment cases of NFL figures, a new series of NHL figures and NLB figures on their way! If you’re a fan of the McFarlane SportsPicks collection, you’ll definitely want to take a look.

Avs retire Joe Sakic’s number 19 before opener

From The Associated Press

DENVER — Joe Sakic would typically rather retreat from the spotlight than bask in it.   Always a humble and reserved player, the longtime Colorado Avalanche captain doesn’t like a fuss to be made over him.

Joe Sakic

He made an exception Thursday night.  This was his evening.

Sakic’s No. 19 sweater was raised to the rafters at Pepsi Center before the season opener against San Jose. His number is just the third retired since the Avalanche relocated to Denver in 1995, joining Patrick Roy (33) and Ray Bourque (77).

The capacity crowd gave Sakic numerous ovations during a lengthy ceremony that featured a look back on his 20-year career, video highlights, and a speech from team president Pierre Lacroix.

The current cast of Avalanche players all came out to watch the show, sitting on the bench decked out in Sakic jerseys.

San Jose defenseman Rob Blake took in the celebration as well, listening as Sakic delivered his speech. Blake helped Sakic and the Avalanche win a Stanley Cup title in 2001.

Usually not one for speeches, Sakic enjoyed this moment. He was back on the ice, even if it was in a dark suit and purple tie.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to hold up,” he said. “As soon as I got on the ice I felt comfortable. It was great.”

In the middle of his talk, though, a fan blurted out, “One more time, Joe!”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” Sakic responded.

Elite Company

Joe Sakic’s place in history is set after a historic career. He is one of just seven players in NHL history to reach 600 goals and 1,000 assists.

Goals Assists
Wayne Gretzky 894 1,963
Gordie Howe 801 1,049
Marcel Dionne 731 1,040
Mark Messier 694 1,193
Steve Yzerman 692 1,063
Mario Lemieux 690 1,033
Joe Sakic 625 1,016

Unlike his retirement speech in July, Sakic kept the tears at bay.

Not that it was easy.

Sakic had a camera following him as he made his way from outside the arena to center ice, his every movement captured and shown on the big screen inside.

He greeted coaches in the hallway and then walked into the Avalanche dressing room, where his former locker had his jersey hanging on a hook.

The stall is his — forever. It’s a gift from the team.

“They didn’t even give me a heads-up on that so when I walked in the room and saw that, I did a double take,” Sakic said. “When I saw it I almost broke down. Then I saw [Adam] Foote coming over and I was like, ‘Uh oh, cameras are on. I can’t cry.’ Never in my dreams could I imagine that.”

Sakic walked out of the dressing room and onto the ice, waving to the crowd as he sauntered along the burgundy carpet to where his family, Lacroix and team owner Stanley Kroenke were waiting.

A few words, more highlights, a couple of gifts — including two paintings — another round of ovations, his jersey raised to the rafters and then it was over.

Just like that, the team said farewell to the face of the franchise.

Sakic leaves the game among the NHL’s career scoring leaders, winding up eighth in points (1,641), 11th in assists (1,016) and 14th in goals (625). He also guided the team to two Stanley Cup titles, won league MVP honors in 2001, and captured an Olympic gold medal as a member of Team Canada in 2002.

Any regrets as he made his way to the ice?

“I know I made the right decision,” Sakic said. “Hockey is my life. It’s given me everything and I’m so lucky to play it. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.”

McFarlane NHL Action Figures Team Canada Special: Joe Sakic

Jean Beliveau Crop Circles in Corn Field

Jean Béliveau Montreal Canadiens
The great Jean Béliveau has been celebrated in photo, film, documentaries, books and magazines.

His likeness has appeared on cereal boxes, bottlecaps, keychains and myriad other collectibles. He’s been immortalized in sculptures made of bronze, wood and ice.

But this, Le Gros Bill says, is the first time he’s been made of corn.

Chip and Tom Hunter, farming brothers in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B., have created a 600-foot-tall Béliveau atop a logo celebrating the Canadiens centennial in a six-acre field of feed corn. It’s a tribute to their love of the Habs icon and their favourite NHL team, their impressive maze photographed from 500 feet above.

Scattered throughout the field’s four km of paths are 10 multiple-choice questions; they appear below for you to try your skill. Answers will be found here tomorrow – just to prevent cheating. No prize for a good score, just bragging rights.

Here’s the Hunter brothers’ tribute to the Habs and Jean Béliveau, standing the length of three hockey rinks laid end to end. And below is their quiz; answers here tomorrow. Learn more at their website here.

Here are the 10 multiple-choice questions scattered throughout the Hunter brothers’ six-acre Jean Béliveau corn-field maze in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B.  (answers are below):

1. Which two players share the Canadiens’ record for most goals in one season?

A. Bernie Geoffrion & Guy Lafleur
B. Guy Lafleur & Steve Shutt
C. Guy Lafleur & Maurice Richard
D. Stéphane Richer & Steve Shutt

2. Which Canadiens coach led the team to the most victories in one season?

A. Toe Blake
B. Scotty Bowman
C. Pat Burns
D. Dick Irvin

3. Which Canadiens coach led the team to the most Stanley Cups?

A. Toe Blake
B. Scotty Bowman
C. Cecil Hart
D. Dick Irvin

4. Who scored the most regular-season career goals for the Canadiens?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Yvan Cournoyer
C. Guy Lafleur
D. Maurice Richard

5. Who played the most games in a Canadiens uniform?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Bob Gainey
C. Henri Richard
D. Larry Robinson

6. Who was the longest-serving captain of the Canadiens (with the most games played) ?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Toe Blake
C. Bob Gainey
D. Saku Koivu

7. Who was the last Canadien to win the Calder Trophy as NHL Rookie of the Year?

A. Ken Dryden
B. Saku Koivu
C. Peter Mahovlich
D. Bobby Smith

8. Who was the first Canadien to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Yvan Cournoyer
C. Ken Dryden
D. Serge Savard

9. Which Canadien has the most penalty minutes for one season?

A. Donald Brashear
B. Chris Nilan
C. Lyle Odelein
D. Doug Risebrough

10. Who has played the most playoff games with the Canadiens?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Bob Gainey
C. Henri Richard
D. Larry Robinson

Are you looking to complete your NHL McFarlane Hockey collection….well, look no further. carries a wide selection of hockey figures….from Maurice “the Rocket” Richard to Bobby Orr….you should find some classic vintage players!

Jean Beliveau NHL Legends Series 2 Figure

Anwsers: 1. b, 2. b, 3. a, 4. d, 5. c, 6. a, 7. a, 8. a, 9. b, 10. d

Coyotes court auction ends without a ruling

Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie

Found at CTV website:

The court auction for the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes NHL team has concluded its final day with little indication of how the judge overseeing it may rule.

Canadian billionaire Jim Balsillie has been trying to buy the Coyotes for the past four months. An auction for the team, which is being overseen by Judge Redfield T. Baum, wrapped up on Friday after two days of hearings.

At the conclusion of Friday’s hearing Baum said he would hand down his decision at a later date, but didn’t say when that might be.

Balsillie has an offer on the table, as does the NHL, and both adjusted their offers as the clock ticked down during the hearing.

The co-CEO of Research in Motion Ltd., the Ontario firm that makes the ubiquitous BlackBerry smartphone, has offered to buy the Coyotes for US$242.5 million, so long as the team can be moved to Hamilton, Ont.

The league has offered $140 million for temporary ownership, with plans to sell the team outside of bankruptcy.

Balisille improved his offer in the final moments with a guarantee that Glendale, the city where the team now plays, would get $50 million. He also removed the Sept. 21 deadline for a deal, from his offer.

The NHL agreed that Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes and managing partner Wayne Gretzky, should take a $14 million payout. In its original deal, the NHL offered nothing to Moyes.

However, Baum has said it’s possible he will reject both offers, resulting in no sale, and that any successful buyer will have to satisfy several legal criteria.

The NHL claims Balsillie is ineligible to bid on the team since the league’s board of governors rejected his application for ownership by a margin of 26-0.

The main opponent to Balsillie’s ownership bid is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. He took the stand Friday for about 40 minutes, defending his argument that the league is best positioned to take over ownership of the team.

While on the stand, Bettman dismissed the claim he put the NHL in a conflict of interest by secretly plotting to buy the team before the league rejected his offer. Bettman said the NHL didn’t decide to put an offer together until about 24 hours before they submitted it.

Balsillie had also been expected to take the stand Friday, but the league’s lawyers waived their right to cross-examination.

Tony Clark, the lawyer representing the NHL, said if Baum rejects both bids the league will seek a ruling allowing it to take control of the team to prepare for a resale.

A third offer for the team — worth $148 million and led by Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of the Chicago White Sox and Bulls — was scrapped in late August.

Balsillie’s legal team has urged the judge to overturn the NHL governors’ decision to reject him as an owner. They’ve also asked that the ruling allow the team to be relocated without the league’s permission.

Jeffrey Kessler, one of Balsillie lawyers, has argued the team would be more successful in Hamilton, and the judge should make his decision accordingly.

NHL lawyer Tony Clark has asked whether Balsillie has the right to be an owner, underscoring that Balisllie’s lawyers had referred to a “secret conspiracy” by the Toronto Maple Leafs to keep a team out of Hamilton.