Jacques Plante Classic Red Jersey Hockey Figure – Montreal Canadiens

My all time favorite NHL goalie is not Patrick Roy….it is the one and only….Jacques Plante.

Did you KNOW:  Plante was one of the first goaltenders to skate behind the net to stop the puck. He also was one of the first to raise his arm on an icing call to let his defencemen know what was happening. He perfected a stand-up, positional style, cutting down the angles; he became one of the first goaltenders to write a how-to book about the position. He was a pioneer of stickhandling the puck; before that time, goaltenders passively stood in the net and simply deflected pucks to defencemen or backchecking forwards.

Jacques Plante Mask

Plante was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1978. His jersey, #1, was retired in 1995 by the Montreal Canadiens.  Finally McFarlane Toys has released Plante’s classic red, white and blue jersey in Series 28.   Just click the image below to buy it online.

Jacques Plante Hockey Figure

Jonas Gustavsson McFarlane NHL Series 24 Hockey Figure

jonas gustavsson

Signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jonas Gustavsson from Sweden could be the next superstar goalie in the NHL.

We’ve followed the guy from Farjestad and he was incredible in his last season in the Swedish league. He was like a freakin’ wall. Its different in the NHL but we will see how he adjust to the North American play. We had a good feeling when Lundqvist went over a couple years ago and we now have that same feeling now.

Here’s a little video clip of Jonas Gustavsson found on youtube:

Jonas Gustavsson has been made into an action figure by McFarlane Toys. This set also includes the following figures:

Michael Cammalleri
Jonathan Toews
Tim Thomas
John Tavares
Robyn Regehr