Conan O’Brien Finds New Home at TBS

“In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I’m headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly.”

Yesterday’s big entertainment buzz was all about Conan O’Brien and his upcoming move to TBS. Naturally, I was very much Team Coco when NBC pulled the switcheroo on their Tonight Show hosts, so I’m thrilled that Conan’s got a brand new place to go once he returns from his live tour.

I’ll admit, however, that when I heard it wasn’t going to be FOX and that TBS was getting Coney, I was slightly…nervous? Put off? Uncertain? After all, it’s not exactly known for…well, anything except syndicated sitcoms or some truly terrible syndicated comedy.

Fortunately, the folks at Entertainment Weekly feel my pain and the pain of all other Coco fans feeling grim about TBS and thus have written a pretty great article about why we should all be very, very happy…

With the news that Conan O’Brien will start a show on TBS in November, there are going to be a lot of people dubious about his decision and scoffing at his new chosen network. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

1. Conan will get a big audience.

I mean by comparison. From the moment he premieres, given the outreach of basic cable combined with TBS’ easy-to-locate position on most cable systems, O’Brien will immediately draw more viewers than Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. (And if you think TBS’ 10-11 p.m. line-up of Family Guy and The Office reruns is a poor lead-in for Conan, just remember that Comedy Central’s South Park reruns and stand-up-comic specials don’t do Stewart and Colbert any favors, either.)
Conan won’t come close to Leno and Letterman in ratings, of course. But the perception (that combo of hype, demos, and word-of-mouth) will be that Conan is a hit. And perception counts for a lot. It’s what makes some of you think Jon Stewart, as good as he is, out-draws your local news at 11. He doesn’t.

2. Conan instantly makes a square cable channel seem hip.

Hip and cool have always been important to O’Brien and his audience, even if they don’t admit it. If there’s one thing we learned about Conan from his Tonight Show run, it’s that O’Brien is an acquired taste for mass America. Being on TBS enables O’Brien to bestow his hipness upon a low-rent cable channel. And if there’s one thing we learned about Conan’s audience from his Tonight Show run, it’s that they love to consider themselves a beleaguered cult of cognoscenti. Well, Conan’s arrival at TBS will enable Team Coco to do something cults love: take something that’s considered lame and single handedly raise it to cool status.

3. The alternative — Fox — would likely have been a disaster.

As I’ve written before, Fox has never launched a successful late-night talk show, and Conan would have immediately been discussed in the media in the same breath as such failures as the Chevy Chase and Joan Rivers shows. That’s not good publicity. Plus, the lead-in Fox outlets would have provided (some of them grumpily) for O’Brien is, in most markets, its local news, not the biggest ratings-gatherers. It’s far better for Conan to mount a fresh version of his old show in a new outlet, which is what TBS provides.

Heroes: New Season and Original Toys!

The new season of Heroes is coming and its set to be one of the biggest and best yet. Called ‘the Carnival’, it’s shrouded in mystery but promises an assortment of strange and compelling new characters who make up a strange band of empowered individuals with a circus freak aesthetic.

Anyone who attended the San Diego Comic Con this year probably noticed the marketing for this new set of episodes in the form of a real travelling circus set-up that was constructed just outside the convention center, right by the Hard Rock Hotel. I had initially been confused as to what it was doing there, but the posters were a pretty big tip-off.

But if viral campaigns and big-top promotions aren’t your thing, here’s a straightforward piece: the newest poster for the next season.

Finally, die-hard fans will be less pleased to learn that the upcoming Heroes figures (including Nathan and Elle) have been cancelled by the folks at Mezco. For whatever reason, they decided to stop producing the figures so the original line is the only way to have your favourite characters in figure form. We’ve got a ton of those left, however, so be sure to check out our Heroes action figure collection, which includes the likes of Peter Petrelli, Claire Bennett, Noah Bennett, Claude, Hiro, Nikki/Jessica and more! Take a look by clicking the pic below!

Heroes: News and Figures!

If there’s one problem I’ve had with my beloved NBC hit, Heroes, it’s not that it’s lacking a stellar premise, nor is it at a loss for good actors or strong ideas. Rather, it’s that the folks behind Heroes don’t seem to have it together when it comes to keeping their plot arcs together and not crowding the show with new characters season after season. They tend to forget about their core cast and fail to flesh out the characters we know and love, instead spreading themselves thin and making it more and more difficult to care about what’s happening. Not to mention that their favourite stunt seems to be killing off (or UN-killing off) anyone giving them trouble plot-wise. There’s no doubt they’ve fallen from grace since their incredible first season, but maybe there’s hope. Or…maybe there isn’t: At, Hayden Pannetiere indicates that we might just get more of the same:

Though season four of NBC’s “Heroes” won’t start for a few more months, Hayden Panettiere told MTV News that there’s a new mysterious group that fans can look forward to in September: The Carnival.

Panettierre, who plays the title role in July 10th’s “I Love You, Beth Cooper”, is already preparing for more adventures as super-powered cheerleader Claire Bennet.

“The next season of ‘Heroes’ has a lot of characters that are coming in,” says Panettierre, “There’s something called The Carnival… which is kind of the opposite of what The Company was. There’s a lot of new, cool characters.”

The Carnival, judging from leaked casting sheets that appeared on “Heroes” fansites will be represented literally. That means barkers, freaks and –- mostly likely -– more than a fair share of cotton candy. (spoiler warning there)

In the meantime, “Heroes” fans should be getting a healthy dose of their favorites actors on the big screen. Between Zachary Quinto in “Star Trek”, Ali Larter in “Obsessed”, Milo Ventimiglia in “Gamer” and Panettierre in “Beth Cooper,” there’s no shortage of the core cast in Hollywood’s overlapping circle. It does, however, lead one to ask when we’re going to get a decent Masi Oka vehicle blockbuster. Oh wait, we are.

What do you make of this mysterious Carnival? What direction do you want “Heroes” to go in its fourth year? Share your ideas below!

* * *

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Saturday, May 2nd: Free Comic Book Day! Plus, new comic figure pre-orders!

Don’t forget!

This Saturday, May 2nd, is Free Comic Book Day! An international event celebrated by most major comic book retailers where you can pick up a number of free comic books from indie publishers, as well as from the Big Boys like Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. All told, there are about 2 ooo ooo publications being given away, so get thee to a comic shop this weekend and enjoy! Just watch out for lineups: the crowds are going to be huge!

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Wheter or not Alan Moore likes it, his creations are getting a ton of merch (including that from Watchmen) and the latest is this new 13-inch figure of V, from the graphic-novel-turned-film, V for Vendetta.