BRUCE WAYNE’s transformation into BATMAN is more than just putting on a suit: he becomes another man. You can recreate this change with a brand new figure that was an SDCC Exclusive this year and has finally become available to those who missed out.

The film-accurate figure is packed in a special “lights and sounds” box, featuring a Wayne Manor exterior and opening up to reveal a Bat-Cave full of protective armor and a ton of crime-fighting accessories. Fans of the film franchise or just general Bat-fans should definitely snag this one.

The Dark Knight RISES – JOHN BLAKE

JOHN BLAKE was definitely the break-out character of The Dark Knight Rises, coming from seemingly nowhere (he’s nowhere to be found in the Batman canon) and stealing the show in a lot of ways. And that’s no easy feat when you have Anne Hathaway’s brilliant take on Catwoman and Tom Hardy’s brutal Bane to compete with, not to mention the rest of the talented cast.

Now, Movie Masters has created a John Blake figure, featuring a likeness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He comes with a piece of the make-your-own Bat Signal, as though you needed any more reason to collect ’em all.

The Dark Knight Rises – ALFRED

Michael Caine fans, we know you’re out there, and you can now begin rejoicing. In anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises, we’ve got an awesome Movie Masters figure of Batman’s loyal butler, ALFRED. And it’s about time, too. Alfred is arguably one of the most recogniseable, enduring characters in the DC universe and the number of times he’s been commemorated in figure form is far too low.

Plus, who doesn’t just love Michael Caine?


Isamot Kol only looks terrifying–he actually fights for justice across the universe as a member of the Green Lantern Corps and is one of the most powerful heroes in the legion. When the new Green Lantern film hits theatres, I can only hope that his on-screen presence is as awesome as the Movie Masters 6-inch version above. They really made some excellent choices in releasing this line and picking the characters they did.

Of course, if you’re looking for something more traditional, how about their take on Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan?

These figures are joined in the first two series’ by Tomar Re, Rot Lop Fan, Nautkeloi and Sinestro. Some are already available, but you can also pre-order the rest, which ship later this month and in June!