Three brand new Resident Evil figures are on their way from NECA.

A Tyrant, a Hunk and a Crimson-Head Zombie join the fleet of figures from the incredible Resident Evil franchise. Since they’re from NECA, you can definitely expect to find some truly amazing sculpting, great accessories and a level of detail that will do the game justice. Each one comes with a display stand, of course, that allows you to properly show off what are some of the best creepy creature renderings you’ll ever have on your toyshelf.

Countdown to Halloween Part One: Stories

When I was a kid, I used to read scary stories all the time or beg them of my friends as we all sat around at a sleepover. There was something about the feeling of cold running down my spine and the idea that the world was more strange and fascinating than it seemed. As time went on, I forgot about the thrill of a good scary story, replaced with more grown-up novels and horror movies when I wanted a scare.

But in the past little while, I’ve rediscovered my love for good horror fiction both online and in printed form and I’ve decided to share some of it here.

Online Horror Fiction

The Dionaea House
Easily my favourite piece of horror fiction online, the Dionaea house was written as a viral pitch for a screenplay by Eric Heisserer. It’s told through blogs, text messages and emails and is one of the creepiest stories around. Like Paranormal Activity, which I reviewed here, even if the Dionaea House doesn’t scare you, the storytelling skills of its talented author are sure to impress.

Ichor Falls
Now collected in a book you can purchase on the website, Ichor Falls is a multi-author anthology that collects the lore of a fictional town called Ichor Falls. The stories span the town’s entire history, from its founding to the tragic deaths of thousands from chemical-induced cancer during the “Ethylor Summer” and beyond, the tales are brilliantly crafted and sure to suck you in.
Okay, so it doesn’t sound scary. The name was derived from ‘copypasta’, a term for words or pictures that are copied and pasted across the internet. This website collects a ton of stories written by a variety of authors and posts them for your perusal: as with most user-generated content, the site’s hit or miss. But when it hits, it hits hard.

Ted’s Caving Page
In 2001, a man named Ted followed his passion for caving into a deep, dark hole he dubbed Floyd’s Tomb. Accompanied by a friend, he explored the darkness until things began to go wrong and the world he knew became different. This website is Ted’s attempt to tell the world what he saw.

And for those looking for something they can take with them, here are a pair of books  you can grab if you’re looking for a scare.

House of Leaves
Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves tells a trio of stories at once, weaving together the narratives into an enthralling and often unsettling read. Though I will admit that I grew weary of the narrator, Johnny Truant, the book-within-a-book, The Navidson Record, makes it well worth the read.

999: Twenty-nine Original Tales of Horror and Suspense
A solid collection of stories about everything from ghosts to zombies. Like any anthology, it has its weaker pieces, but it’s definitely a great read and there are more than enough chilling tales to keep any horror fan reading.