Halo Deluxe Vehicle with Figures Series 2

Really nice mongoose and really awesome second release of the ODST and EVA ! Plus, it comes in the cool yellow colored armor for the EVA! The ODST comes in a Tron-Like armor which looks kind of RETRO.

Get this while is lasts, with the new waves coming out, it looks like we will be seeing less and less spartans, due to the broadening of the diversity in the lines. Don’t think, just get this. The mongoose vehicles are really cool, too. Great for display!

Halo Deluxe Vehicle

Halo Deluxe Vehicle

Three New Video Game Figures: Halo, WoW and Gears of War!

There are some awesome new figures coming from the filks at McFarlane, DC Direct and NECA. They’re not on the shelves yet, but you can already pre-order them and make sure you get your hands on the latest video game figures!

The Mongoose is the latest vehicle added to McFarlane’s Halo collection and it looks great. Shipping in October, it comes in three variations: orange, crimson and cyan. Each one is accompanied by a corresponding figure that makes getting your favourite even easier. They look great, the sculpting is stellar and Halo fans are sure to love it.

The new Illidan Stormrage is another go at the powerful World of Warcraft antagonist. A departure from the previous boxed figure, it features Illidan’s demon form and the same high levels of detail you’ve come to expect from DC, plus some awesome aesthetic alterations to the character in his new incarnation.

Usually known for their realistic, high-detail sculpting, NECA’s latest Gears of War figure is nevertheless a very cool piece. A heavily stylized take on Marcus Fenix, it’s definitely one for fans looking for that one special toy that’ll look perfect on a toyshelf.  This one ships in August.