NECA Mogwais from the ’90s cult classic Gremlins 2 are here!

We may be halfway through the 2010s, but the epic American horror-comedy film Gremlins 2: The New Batch from the very cusp of the 1990s still deserves some kind of celebration. It’s less dark and more slapstick than the original, and the parodies of other classic ’90s works like the Rambo movies make Gremlins 2 an iconic experience of the decade. The original puppets are now highly prized collectors’ pieces, but NECA has re-made a select few as part of their fifth series of Mogwai characters.

And now, you can own three of the cuddliest, most hilarious stars from the on-screen funny show. Grab Patches, Zoe and Gary, with enough articulation to make them waddle to and fro (with your help), as well as NECA’s signature eye-rolling mechanism. They’re special concept Mogwais created by Rick Baker Studios specifically for the film, making them all the more valuable to your collection. Purchase all three at once for an exclusive price deal.

How can something be so adorable and so sinister-looking at the same time?

How can something be so adorable and so sinister-looking at the same time?

Gremlins Mogwai Figures

Continuing the ever popular Mogwai series, we went deep into the vaults for this new assortment of cuddly creatures. These are concept Mogwais that were created by Rick Baker Studios for Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Over the past 20 years the original puppets have turned up at auction or in the hands of private collectors. We gathered all known references to create three of these special Mogwai figures.
This series includes Patches, Zoe, and Gary. Each Mogwai is articulated at the ears, neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and thighs and also features our signature poseable rolling eyeball mechanism.

Release Date: November 2014

Gremlins Figures


Looking for a little retro-movie love? Then you’ve found it with the upcoming first series of new GREMLINS figures from NECA. The Flasher Gremlin, the George Gremlin and the Daffy Gremlin are the first three figures released from a brand new line. You can grab these guys individually or as a set of three! Pre-order now and they’ll be shipped out in December!