Here’s a run-down of the figures you can snag in the fifth series of Lego Minifigures: Graduate, Gladiator, Royal Guard, Ice Fisherman, Cavewoman, Lizard Man, Zookeeper, Lumberjack, Small Clown, Fitness Instructor, Detective, Evil Dwarf, Boxer, Egyptian Queen, Gangster and Snowboarder Guy!

These figures are available in three different ways! If you’re looking for a complete set, then you can snag it right here and be done with it, having everything in your hands in one fell swoop. If you prefer to buy just one at a time, then take your pick and get any of the figures you’re looking for right here. Or, if you’re just looking for any figure to add to your collection, then have some fun and leave it up to chance by snagging a random booster pack!

Lego man sent to space by teens

Lego Mini Figure

A pair of Toronto teens sent a Lego man into space, capturing their plastic astronaut’s entire 97-minute adventure in an eye-catching video.

Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both 17-year-old Grade 12 students at Agincourt Collegiate Institute in Scarborough, used a helium-filled balloon to send the Lego man into space 24 kilometres above sea level two weeks ago. They were inspired to try their mission after watching avideo of a balloon sent to near space by some Massachusetts Institute of Technology students.

The Toronto students used a Styrofoam box containing four cameras and a cellphone fitted with a GPS program so their vehicle could be recovered. They even sewed the nylon parachute to ensure their Lego man would return to Earth safely.

The eye-catching images captured from the flight show the Lego man, gripping a Canadian flag, against a backdrop of a fast-shrinking skyline that gives way to the darkness of space.

Then the balloon pops and tumbles back to Earth. Ho and Muhammad were able to recover the balloon — with their astronaut intact — more than 120 kilometres from the field were it was launched.

Check out their Youtube video:

Looking for Lego Mini Figures so you can also send them to space….

Lego Mini Figure sent to Space

Harley Quinn AmeComi Heroine Mini PVC Figure

Harley Quinn Ame-Comi Mini Figure

Here is the tagline from DC Direct: They may be tiny, but they are mighty… mighty cute, that is!  The AmeComi Heroine MiniFigures are here!

The girls of Gotham City Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy are the first in an all new, super cute line of mini-figures, affectionately known as mini-comis.  Based on the larger Ame Comi Heroine PVC Statue line, these miniature AmeComi PVC figures are all brand new poses! My personal favorite is of course, Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn AmeComi Heroine Mini PVC Figure

Ame-Comi Heroine Mini Figures Series 1

The Ame-Comi Heroine Mini-Figures are here! The girls of Gotham City – Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy – are the first in an all new, super-cute line of mini-figures, affectionately known as “mini-comis.” Based on the larger Ame-Comi Heroine PVC Statue line, these miniature Ame-Comi PVC figures are all brand-new sculpts! Batgirl cuddles a squishable baby bat toy, as Harley Quinn wields a deadly pop-gun and Poison Ivy charms a serpentine vine.

Each Mini-figure stands at 5″ high and is packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook, each non-articulated PVC mini figure is sold separately (or as a complete set from, and includes a display base.

Ame-Comi Heroine Mini Figure Series 1


Lego Mini-Figures Have Arrived

A huuuuge number of Lego Mini-figures have now arrived. I’ve always love the little guys with their contented expressions that only occasionally changed to something brighter (or more cynical/mischievous/evil/anything) and now they’re coming in a series that showcases the incredible variety you can get out of a little, one-and-a-half-inch figure.

The first series includes: Demolition Dummy, Forestman, Cowboy ,Super Wrestler, Zombie, Ninja, Cheerleader, Skater, Tribal Hunter, Circus Clown, Magician, Deep Sea Diver, Robot, Nurse, Caveman, and Spaceman. You can get them individually or as a full set!

Series #2 can already be pre-ordered! It comes out next month and includes a selection of figures including the Pop Star, Dracula, the Ringmaster, Mime, Traffic Cop, Mexican and more. They make great additions to a Lego collector’s cache of figures and add a little bit of flair to your average Lego construction.

Check out the whole collection here!

Lego MiniFigures Series 1 #8683

Lego #8683 MiniFigures Series 1 has been released. They come packed individually in blind packs (which means you don’t know what you are getting). Each mini figure comes with a stand. The set consist of 16 different one inch characters:

* A Cheerleader with two pom-poms
* A Caveman with a club
* A Circus Clown with a horn
* A Spaceman with a helmet and laser gun
* A Demolition Dummy with a spanner and a PA7 70 sign
* A Tribal Hunter with bow and arrow and a quiver
* A Ninja with a gold Samurai sword
* A Magician with a baton, and interchangeable top hat and hair
* A Super Wrestler with cape
* A Forestman with a hat, bow and arrow and quiver
* A Robot with a robotic right arm
* A Skater with a skateboard
* A Cowboy with hat and two pistols
* A Nurse with a syringe and clipboard
* A Zombie with a shovel and chicken leg
* A Deep Sea Diver with diving helmet

8683-Lego Minifigure Pack shot8683 Lego MiniFigures Series 1