COMMANDER NEYO – Star Wars 12” Figure by Sideshow

Unless we’re being deceived, it’s pretty easy to tell which side Commander Neyo is on– he’s got it all over his uniform.

Sideshow figures always come with awesome accessories for posing and display, but this one really outdoes a lot of them in the variety of hands it offers. Really, no matter what you want this guy to do, he probably has hands for it. Feet and weapons, too, but seriously– look at all those hands. This guy’s a pre-order, so if you grab him now, he’ll ship out in September.

Modified Phase II Helmet
Detailed Fabric Body Suit
Shoulder Bell 7 Harness
Highly Detailed Full Body Armor Set
Thirteen (13) Interchangeable Hands
One (1) Pair Standing Boot
One (1) Pair Action Boot
BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
Fully Articulated Armored Body with 30+ points of articulation
Display Base with Coruscant Guard symbol & lower support stand


Part of the Militaries of the Star Wars Universe collection, CAPTAIN REX is the latest character to be immortalised by SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES, a company with an amazing track record for creating incredible figures. Check this one out!

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Captain Rex Premium Format figure. Crafted in detailed 1:4 scale the esteemed Clone Trooper Captain of the 501st comes armed with his impressive DC-15 A Blaster Rifle. At over 18 inches tall, he stands above the remains of a destroyed Super Battle Droid. Each piece is finished with real fabric elements and the individual quality and attention to detail that is the trademark of a Sideshow Collectibles piece; the Captain Rex Premium Format figure makes a notable addition to any Star Wars collection.