Series 6 of The Walking Dead figures by McFarlane Toys are now in stock!

The TV show that has served all of our post-apocalyptic screen needs since 2010 is more than worthy of attention from big toy companies. And we’re super stoked that that is indeed happening, because these six new figures from McFarlane Toys are absolutely bomb. The AMC series inspired by the work of Robert Kirkman is totally blood-curdling, and these toys are no different. They come with various weapons and garment accessories and multiple points of articulation, of course.

Among the new, must-have six-inch figures are Rick Grimes (pictured below), Daryl Dixon, Michonne, RV Zombie, Abraham Ford, Hershel Greene, Carol Peletier, Bungee Guts Zombie and The Governor with Long Coat. Pick them up today on individually or make it easy on yourself by copping the set of nine at a special price!

Are those bloodstained pants Versace?

Hey, boy. Are those bloodstained pants Versace?


With a hood and tools bloodied from her encounters with the walking dead, MICHONNE comes to us direct from the San Diego Comic Con.

Armed with a katana and some unlikely (and sort of likely) tools, Michonne looks awesome as a 5-inch figure from McFarlane. While you’re waiting for Season 3 of the show to bring Danai Gurira’s take on the character, you can at least snag this toy and use it as a daily reminder of how awesome you could be if you were a little more like Michonne.


With The Walking Dead’s second season behind us, we’re already excited for what Season 3 will offer– moreso now that one of our favourite characters has officially been cast.

The katana-wielding badass MICHONNE joins the cast next season and the casting couldn’t be more awesome, with Treme’s DANAI GURIRA slated to step into Michonne’s boots.

If you’re as pumped as we are, you might want to grab another version of the heroine here, in a limited edition Walking Dead black-and-white 2-pack from McFarlane. Check it out!

As a side note, if you didn’t read the comic book series from Image Comics…I highly recommend you pick it up at Amazon.

The Walking Dead Compendium One Paperback


The first set of Walking Dead figures has arrived and another is on its way later this month! The set that’s already in is the COMIC version of the action figures and features Rick Grimes, Michonne, a zombie lurker and a zombie roamer. Check these out:

Each figure is about 6 inches tall and the heroes come armed to the teeth, ready to take on herds of the undead.

Later on, look for Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, a zombie walker and a zombie biter! Take a look at what’s next:

The show’s back in action and we absolutely loved the first episode of season 2, so you can definitely count on these being pretty popular with fans. Order or pre-order now!


TWO series of figures from THE WALKING DEAD are headed your way. The first is based on the comic series and the second on the adapted television series. Both of them are out later this month and can be pre-ordered now! Check these out.





COMING SOON: The Walking Dead Figures

New figures from The Walking Dead are now available for pre-order! The brilliant artists and sculptors at McFarlane are creating a line of 6-inch figures based on both the awesome books (Series 1) and the amazing AMC TV show (Series 2).

The first series includes Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne, a Zombie Lurker and a Zombie Roamer. The next series features Deputy Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, a Zombie Walker and a Zombie Biter. Only the prototypes for the first four figures have been released (and are the ones shown above), but you can bet that McFarlane will be bringing their A-game to everything they release in this collection.

And there’s more good news for TWD fans, too, in the form of a new video game announcement! Here’s the story from Christian Davis of

It’s a busy time for Telltale Games. With the unveiling of the first trailer for Jurassic Park, and the launch of the second episode of the Back to the Future series, the studio has confirmed it’s creating a video game based on the comic book series The Walking Dead.

According to an IGN report, the partnership with Telltale and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will span several years and feature multiple titles on multiple platforms.

Kirkman offered few details on what players can expect from The Walking Dead game, scheduled to launch during the fourth quarter 2011 window.

Kirkman says the game will be episodic and based on events within the comic book universe (there’s also a TV show on AMC). It’s not clear whether this title will be an adventure game — similar to Telltale’s previous work — or a more action-oriented game.