Superman and Supergirl: Now In-Stock!

You might remember our post about the SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL 2-Pack! And now, I’m pleased to say that the formerly pre-orderable figure set has now arrived!

If you’re a fan of the late, great Michael Turner or his collaboration with Jeph Loeb on SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL, then be sure to snag this new set, which includes a reprint of the epic, 168-page graphic novel!


New Krypton: Series 1 is on its way, arriving this October but available for pre-order now! The first series includes Superman, Superwoman, a beefy-looking Brainiac and Mon-El.

When Superman rejoins his fellow Kryptonians, who will be left to defend the Earth? That is the question posed by New Krypton and its readers should be pleased that it’s not only getting recognition, but has gained further immortality in merchandise beyond the printed page. The figures stand a little over 6 inches tall and feature the smooth sculpting we’ve come to expect from the folks at DC Direct. They’re available individually or as a set of 4. Take a look at the whole New Krypton page over at!

Also shipping in October is another set of figures based on the art of the late, great Michael Turner. From the epic SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL by Turner and writer Jeph Loeb, these figures are both new colour schemes and sculpts and come packaged with the 168-page book that tells their thrilling story. Check ’em out!

New from DC Direct: Superman and Supergirl Action Figure 2-Pack

Based on the art of the late, great Michael Turner, DC Direct has released two new figures from Turner and Jeph Loeb’s SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL. Telling the story of Batman and Superman’s team-up to rescue Supes’ beloved cousin from the evil Darkseid, it was a pivotal work in the Supergirl mythos and more than deserving of toy representation.

The Superman figure stands approximately 6.75″ high, while Supergirl stands 6.5″ and the set also includes a copy of the 160+ page Loeb/Turner work that inspired the figures. That makes it a great buy not only for fans, but for anyone looking to discover unread tales from the DC Universe.

And if you still need more Supergirl in your life, check out the always-incredible Project Rooftop for a new batch of awesome superhero redesigns. Artist Cory Walker has Supergirl Collection you’ve really gotta see to believe.