Three new Mortal Kombat figures are here from Mezco

Mortal Kombat is one of the most iconic video-game franchises to ever exist. Now you can own a piece of the magic with three new figures from Mezco’s Exclusive Series, the Mortal Combat X Quan Chi Sorcerer Variant (pictured), Kotal Khan Blood God Variant and Kitana Mournful Variant!

To produce the most game-accurate MK figures ever made, Mezco has teamed up with digital sculptors from the franchise and worked with the same aesthetic files as the game. These six-inch figures come in standard blister packaging and feature over 17 points of articulation, perfect for re-creating the most essential game poses.


Mezco’s Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg in a brand-new outfit!

He looks like an adorably stoic dad on his way to the hardware store, doesn’t he? Well, we all know that he’s actually one of our favorite TV masterminds, Walter White himself. Here’s an incarnation of his alias in 12-inch format. The Mezco Breaking Bad Exclusive Heisenberg looks totally spiffy with a new outfit — check out the crease in those trousers!

Sartorial excellence aside, we’re sure you’ll be more than content when you add this new figure to your Breaking Bad collection. Hey, if anything, it’s a way to justify those hours you spent streaming AMC to your significant other.

Breaking Dad.

Breaking Dad.

Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring is suited up for delivery come February

The sadistic southwestern U.S. meth don from AMC’s Breaking Bad is known within the series for being both a powerful drug distributor and a cool, collected restaurant chain owner. But despite his amicable exterior, Gus displays villainous tendencies — the kingpin personally executes both his enemies and his own associates who have betrayed him. He’s a complex personality and a viewer favorite, having been listen third in Paste magazine’s list of 20 Best Characters of 2011. Needless to say, Mr. Fring is indispensable to the Breaking Bad story.

Fashioned in the likeness of actor Giancarlo Esposito, who earned Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Gus, this figure is rendered in six inches, dressed in a tailored suit and accessorized with removable eyeglasses. Mezco has already brought us Walter White and Jesse Pinkman figures this year, and we’re stoked that they are branching out to include some of the series’s most important and intriguing characters. Gus Fring will be ready to ship out in February, so pre-order him now. And psst — we’ll have the Entertainment Earth exclusive burned-face Gus Fring figurine in March, too!

"I will kill your wife, I will kill your son, I will kill your infant daughter." Whoa there, dude.

“I will kill your wife, I will kill your son, I will kill your infant daughter.” Whoa there, dude.

Jax Teller sports some spiffy sunglasses as a Sons of Anarchy exclusive

Since 2008, the FX TV hit series Sons of Anarchy has seen single father and outlaw motorcycle gang president Jackson “Jax” Teller balance family commitments and moral qualms with the illegal activities of his central California crew. The American crime drama, centred around the fictional town of Charming and the questionably fictional Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), has received a plethora of accolades through the total of seven seasons it has aired on cable.

In particular, Charlie Hunnam’s portrayal of Teller has been lauded — called Teller “one of TV’s best dads” and a “brutal anti-hero”. We think that’s pretty good reason for Mezco to release this six-inch homage to Jax and the central part he plays in the complex narrative of Sons of Anarchy. Check him out at our online store by clicking on the photo preview below.

"Blood makes you related."

“Blood makes you related.”

Own the new Walter White red-shirt variant from Mezco’s Breaking Bad series

If you’re a hardcore aficionado or aficionada of AMC’s now-legendary series Breaking Bad, you need to grab one of these six-inch Walter White variants for your very own. Coming to you with multiple accessories and in classic blister packaging, White is posed mid-stride with a gun at his side to protect his stash and livelihood. The icing on the cake is his tried-and-true furrowed brow, deep in thought about how to keep the profits from his clandestine activities rolling in. Grab this new figurine now.

Cap'n [Meth] Cook.

Cap’n [Meth] Cook.

Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad in an exclusive blue haz-mat suit

This brand-new 6-inch offering from Mezco is based on a Pinkman aesthetic seen in a few episodes of the hit TV series. He comes with a gas mask, chili powder and a tray of blue crystal to aid him in all of his clandestine hobbies. This figurine is highly anticipated — don’t wait!

Jesse Pinkman is up to the task in stunning blue.

Jesse Pinkman is up to the task in stunning blue.

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, in classic 6-inch format by Mezco

These days, there are more than just a few people who are familiar with the award-winning series Breaking Bad. So it makes sense that Jesse Pinkman was one of Mezco’s most requested characters for 2013. Here, he dons a yellow haz-mat suit, perfect for manufacturing chemicals of a dubious nature. He comes with a gas mask, chili powder and a tray of blue crystal. Jesse is 6 inches tall and is ready for purchase right this second.


“Look, I like making cherry product, but let’s keep it real, alright? We make poison for people who don’t care.”

Sometimes, good things come in twos — new Sons of Anarchy figures in now

From Mezco, these two 6-inch creations based on the California renegades of Sons of Anarchy roll with all the grit and danger that’s expected of them. The rogue Jax Teller is the national president of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, of course, and he naturally comes replete with his signature leather vest, covered with the club’s logo and like patches. Teller is rough-and-tumble, but we couldn’t see him any other way. He comes with a set of alternate hands as well as a knife and a scale version of John Teller’s manuscript.

Similarly, Clay Morrow comes with a patched leather vest, along with a wallet chain and knife holster. Both figurines have five points of articulation, rendering them totally poseable and dynamic. We’ve got them now, so hurry in!


New Stylized JASON VOORHEES Figure

The serial-killing monster of a man returns to the world of figures in a form that’s…well, a lot less scary than what you might be used to. Mezco has created a rendering of Jason Voorhees that captures the whole look, but with a new spin that only the free-form artists at the studio could dream up.

Standing a full 10 inches tall, Jason comes with his trademark hockey mask (fully removable), three camper-killing weapons and features both real cloth clothing and fourteen points of articulation to make him excellent for posing and display. If you’re a fan of the franchise in which he has been both villain and anti-hero, this is one you’ll definitely want to get your mitts on.