Metal Gear Solid Snake Revoltech Figure

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.131 Snake

From Kaiyodo! One of the most recognized video game heroes of all time, Snake from Konami’s best-selling video game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, joins the Revoltech Yamaguchi series with a dynamic new action figure! Capable of multiple poses for creeping, crouching, or melee combat, Snake comes with multiple accessories and additional body parts for customization. The figure stands 5 1/2″ tall and comes with a display stand.

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.131 Snake FigureExpected Release Date:  Feb. 2014


Sutherland to Play Snake in Metal Gear Solid

By DERRIK J. LANG AP Entertainment Writer
LOS ANGELES June 6, 2013 (AP)

Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland is slithering into a very different role.

“Metal Gear Solid” creator Hideo Kojima said Thursday the “24” star will play protagonist Snake in the next installment of the stealth video game series.

The character has been portrayed in the “Metal Gear Solid” games by voice actor David Hayte since the original was released in 1998.

Kojima said because “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” takes place in 1984, it required an actor who could convey the facial and vocal qualities of a 49-year-old version of the super-soldier.

“We’re taking on some very heavy subjects, such as race and revenge,” Kojima said Thursday in an online video streamed by “Metal Gear Solid” publisher Konami, ahead of next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

“I wanted Snake to have a more subdued performance, expressed through subtle facial movements and tone of voice rather than words,” Kojima said.

cmdstore_2264_1219849072Snake Ready Clear Variant figure



MERYL SILVERBURGH is the latest addition to Play Arts’ METAL GEAR SOLID line.

Imported from Japan! Square Enix’s Play Arts ~Kai~ figures are an improved version of their popular Play Arts action figure series. With a larger scale, a greater attention to detail, more articulation points, and additional parts, these are their finest action figure yet. Metal Gear Solid has been one of Konami’s best-selling games over the last fifteen years, the creation of acclaimed creator Hideo Kojima. Collectors can get their hands on this dynamic action figure of Solid Snake’s ally Meryl Silverburgh (10″ tall) from the original game and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Window box packaging.

Metal Gear Solid – CYBORG NINJA

The new CYBORG NINJA FIGURE from the Play Arts KAI Series is a fantastic combination of both Cyborg and Ninja–and does a pretty solid job of bringing to your collection the sheer awesomeness that is the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Imported from Japan, this Square Enix MGS figure stands about 10” tall and features some absolutely amazing attention to detail, more points of articulation and additional parts. Honestly, the Play Arts series are the ones you want to snag if you’re looking for a figure that’ll look as good in another decade as it does now. Collectors, this is the one.

Snake Jungle Fatigues Version Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Action Figure

I am a big Metal Gear Solid fan….and here is one of my favorite version of Snake….in Jungle Fatigues. Here are some pics of the one from my personal collection:

Snake Metal Gear Solid Action Figure

Upcoming Video Game Figures!

We’ve already checked out the new Halo figures in a previous post, and seen the Legend of Zelda, Gears of War and Prototype figures. But there are even more great figures on the way and we thought we’d take a look at two characters from brand-spanking new games and a new series for an old franchise! All of these can be pre-ordered now and will be shipping later on.


The protagonist of the incredible Dead Space, Isaac Clarke is the latest figure from NECA’s Player Select line. One of my favourite titles in recent years, Dead Space is a survival horror epic that brings together the undead, sci-fi and a strange almost Verne-style aesthetic, which is seen here in the rusted suit of the figure. The Isaac Clarke figure ships in July!


Already steeped in controversy (EA Games hired fake protesters to pose as Christians against the game in order to generate buzz), Dante’s inferno only launches in January of next year. But the Dante action figure from NECA can already be pre-ordered and will ship in 2009’s third quarter. He stands just over six inches and features brilliant sculpting and paintwork whose quality will hopefully be reflected in the upcoming game.


Finally, for anyone who’s been missing Solid Snake and the gang, the good news has come that the fifth series of McFarlane’s Metal Gear Solid figures is now available for pre-order. Like Dante, these guys ship in 2009’s third quarter. Boss, Raiden, Crouching Snake, Tiger Camo Snake and Vamp join the rest of the figures and are a testament to the kind of quality design McFarlane has proven it is capable of.