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Take your gameplay to a three-dimensional level! Here’s the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Tretij Rebenok figure from Square Enix. This dark force of melancholy is clad in a trademark gas mask and ill-fitting black straitjacket.

This 3rd Child assumes a dismal, barefooted pose and will add the eerie and mysterious vibe that your collection is missing. He’s eight inches tall and a goth fantasy, what more could you want? Click the image below to take him to the checkout.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Raiden comes in from Good Smile Company

You’ve never seen him like this before! Check out the Nendoroid Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Raiden from Good Smile Company. He’s a staple feature of the MGS empire, and so we think it’s pretty fitting that he’s finally here in popular Nendoroid format. This Plant chapter protagonist is five inches tall and has had his gentle features shrunk into adorable Nendoroid size.

Optional parts include his hand gun and assault rifle, a cardboard box and a naked body, allowing you to recreate various popular scenes from the game! A special expression drawn for the Nendoroid by Yoji Shinkawa, the game’s art director, is also included. Don’t miss out — click the image below!


Metal Gear Solid V fans need this Venom Snake Gold Tiger

Here’s one for the dedicated gamers — we know who you are, and we salute you! Treat yourself with the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake Gold Tiger from the inimitable Square Enix. Nine inches of expertly re-created detail jump right off the screen and into the form of Venom Snake.

New articulation makes him more realistic than ever, contributing a smoother look to joint and neck movement. Accessories include an alternate head, interchangeable hands, a radio, a rifle, a pistol, a dagger and a display stand so you can re-enact your favorite video-game scenes.



Metal Gear Solid V’s deadly assassin Quiet sneaks in from Play Arts Kai

Given her powerfully menacing appearance, you’d think the moniker “Quiet” pretty ironic. But this fierce warrior and stealthy sniper is known for her ability to take out enemies with the ultimate secrecy. We are ecstatic to introduce the Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Quiet from Square Enix.

New joint structures are what set these new figures apart from their predecessors — smoother articulation in the legs and knees makes Quiet more lifelike than ever. A flexible resin material utilized for neck, ankle and shoulder construction makes her appearance lifelike. She stands 10 inches tall and wears her signature costume.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Casual everyday ensemble.

Metal Gear Solid V’s Venom Snake now with a wider range of motion

With new joint structures, enabling smooth articulation at the elbows and knees, as well as a novel, natural look, this Venom Snake Play Arts Kai figure from the acclaimed video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a must-cop. Square Enix hyped MGS fans on this guy for a solid while, and now he’s finally here! A flexible resin ensures a wider range of motion and allows for maximum poseability for the eight-inch figure. The texture and depth in his muscles show off his resilient nature and terse, yet purposed sense of duty.

A detailed recreation of his knife, rifle and handgun sets off this package. And with a true-to-screen facial rendition based on the computer-generated imaging in the video game itself, Venom Snake is poised to strike. An interchangeable head, hands, weapons parts and display stand (along with a face alternate that allows you to display him with and without his scope) ensure that this guy never gets bored — and neither will you! Grab him now.

\m/ Metal \m/ Gear Solid

\m/ Metal \m/ Gear Solid