Beyblade Mobile Stadium

I have noticed a fair amount of the players in our store using the Mobile Stadium to carry and hold their Beyblades. They whip it open and start playing right away….which is cool. Wanna play in the toilet, go ahead. Wanna play at church, go ahead.

beyblade stadium mobile

Brand New Beyblade Metal Fusion Legends Series is available

Finally got a new assortment of Beyblades this past week….we got such a small shipment so I was not able to open up any extra (overstock) that we usually have so I can test them out.   I had a kid come into the store and claim that the Legends Night Virgo was pretty powerful (although I can’t confirm that in the stadium).   Once we get our next larger shipment, I should be able to test some of these new Legends Beyblades and give you guys/gals a quick review.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Legend

Beyblade Metal Fusion Legend

More Metal Fusion Beyblades!

A brand new BEYBLADE THREE-PACK has spun onto our shelves this Christmas season! DARK BULL, EVIL GEMIOS and EARTH EAGLE make up this team of awesome spinning battle tops now available together!

But what do these Beyblades offer? Well, here’s a look at the stats from Hasbro!

The Dark Bull top includes FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: Bull, FUSION WHEEL: Dark, SPIN TRACK: H145 and PERFORMANCE TIP: SD pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER and assembly tool.

The Evil Gemios top includes FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: Gemios, FUSION WHEEL: Evil, SPIN TRACK: DF145 and PERFORMANCE TIP: FS pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER and assembly tool.

The Earth Eagle top includes FACE BOLT, ENERGY RING: Eagle, FUSION WHEEL: Earth, SPIN TRACK: 145 and PERFORMANCE TIP: WD pieces and comes with RIPCORD LAUNCHER and assembly tool.

The Beyblades ALSO come with collector cards to add even more to this awesome combo pack! Check out this and more in our BEYBLADE COLLECTION!


Take a look at this Complete BayBlade GIFT SET, featuring everything you need to start off your very own collection! Any fan of this epic toy will definitely want to get their hands on this gift pack this Christmas! Here’s a look!

This great set has it all! It’s got ONE Red Super Vortex Baystadium, 2 RANDOM Bayblades and 2 Rip-cord launcher! It’s a great buy, a great selection and a great Christmas present!

And you can check out MORE Bayblades in our complete collection here!

Toupie Beyblade (ships to France)

What is Toupie Beyblade?   It is a spinning Beyblade top and it is super hot in Europe.  This is no Euro trash talk…this is the real Deal.   We ship to Europe and we have been getting tons of orders from France (beautiful country!!!!).   We have a super gift set for the customer who knows nothing about Beyblade.   We have a gift set that consist of: two Random beyblades and a Red Super Vortex beyblade Stadium.  It is called: Beyblade Stadium Combo Gift Set.

Beyblade Stadium Combo Gift Set


Lightning L-Drago Beyblade is AWESOME!

Ok….I just played a bunch of beyblade games in our store and Lightning L-Drago is kicking butt.  It does have some problems against a few specific opponents (but I’m not gonna tell y’all…keep you guys guessing for now).     I also did a little customizing on the L-Drago which I will detail in my next blog post.  In the meantime, you can pick up the Lightning L-Drago from our website at   Once you get it, come back to this blog and I will have all the juicy bits that will help you make this forbidden beyblade the ultimate warrior….heck, you should be able to win blindfolded….nuff said.

Lightning L-Drago Beyblade