Aperture Labs Shower Curtain

The folks at Valve and ThinkGeek are really spoiling Portal fans.

You’ll feel like Cave Johnson when you step into your morning shower with this brand new Aperture Science curtain. Well, no, you’ll probably feel more like a test subject or an employee because Cave knows better than to trifle with dangerous amounts of mercury… which we swear isn’t a problem here. Really. Look, it says “Less than 1% mercury” right on it!

Build-a-Bane: DC Universe Series 16

DC Universe Series 16 is here! Though we are still waiting on a shipment of Mercury and Classic Robin (Modern Robin’s already here), the rest of the figures are together and ready to go if you order individually. You’ll find The Riddler, The Creeper, Mercury, Jonah Hex, Modern Robin and Azrael Batman. You can also pre-order the complete set, Mercury or Classic Robin and we’ll be sure to get ’em out to you the moment they arrive.

Standing about 6 inches tall, each figure represents an iconic member of DC’s superhero/supervillain pantheon and makes a great find for any fan of the amazing universe the comic company has created. Plus, bring ’em all together and you can create a big, bad Bane! Truly awesome.

DC Universe Classic Series 16

The upcoming 16th series of the DC Universe Classics figures is sure to be a hit when it at last arrives, but you can already pre-order this one to make sure you get your hands on the figures, whether individually or as a full set.

This collection includes two Robins (one a variant), Knightfall Batman, Jonah Hex, Mercury, Riddler (in the classic jumpsuit!) and The Creeper. Each one is 6 inches tall, looks absolutely brilliant and faithful to the character and, best of all, comes with a piece of the Series 16 Build-a-Figure, the Batman villain (last seen in the Secret Six) BANE.

This Mattel figure collection doesn’t have an official release date yet, but you can be sure that the moment we know, we’ll update. And don’t worry: you can still pre-order and no matter when these guys arrive, we’ll ship ’em right out!