Together At Last: DC versus MOTU

Two follow-ups to Lex Luthor’s face-off against Skeletor have now arrived in our DC 2-Pack collection! No longer a battle between Evil and “Just as evil”, we’ve reached another level of awesome with some new faces:

AQUAMAN VERSUS MER-MAN wage a battle beneath the waves. This whole collection just screams “fan-service” and yet it does so in the greatest possible way, satisfying all the geeks who have ever wanted to play out a round of “Who would win in a fight?” between the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe. Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and comes ready with a signature weapon!

If you want to take the war to the skies, of course, that option is also available in the HAWKMAN vs. STRATOS set!

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Mer-Man Reissue and More!

Over in out Masters of the Universe section, we’ve got a bunch of new figures and among them is this brand new Exclusive Mer-Man Reissue

And if he’s not enough, here are the items that we haven’t gotten in-stock yet, but which can now be pre-ordered if you’re a MOTU fan!


EXCLUSIVE TRAP-JAW (September 2010)


But of course, those are only three figures being added to the huge collection we already have. If you’re looking for the likes of He-Man, Skeletor, Wun-Dar, Zodac or any other members of the extensive MOTU cast, click the logo below to see what we’ve got on offer!