Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Megatron restocked!

Back in stock is this 10-inch Megatron, coveted by Transformers collectors since its debut! Your collection can’t be complete without this indispensable Decepticon. A feared leader who was once loyal to Optimus Prime, he was eventually taken in by The Fallen, leading to a re-awakening of the Decepticon legacy.

Hasbro has designed this figure especially for the first wave of the Combiner Wars Leader Class, featuring trademark window-box packaging perfect for display or play. Make sure you ensnare this skilled warrior for your very own!

"You still fight for the weak! That is why you lose!"

“You still fight for the weak! That is why you lose!”

First wave of Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class in stock!

What we love about the Transformers franchise is how it’s made it acceptable to escape into a world where sentient robots are real. And boy, do we love ’em for it. That’s why we’re way stoked on the new Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class, the first wave of which has just hit shelves.

Leading the pack (pun intended) is Megatron, shown below, dark overlord of the Decepticons and native of the planet Cybertron. Get a load of his silver-and-red body detail, with weapons in tow to carry out his dastardly deeds. He stands 10 inches tall, much like Armada Megatron, who’s known for his expanded backstory from the Armada series.

Scoop these Decepticon dudes up today!

"Lesser creatures are the playthings of my will." Alright, homie.

“Lesser creatures are the playthings of my will.” Alright, homie.

Luxury Gold Megatron MP-05G will hit shelves in February

That’s right — the release of this amazing figure from Japanese toy manufacturers Takara is just one month away! And it’s the icing on the cake for the celebration of the Masterpiece Series’s 30th anniversary. He’s decked out in a gold chrome finish, and don’t forget that this is a limited-edition reissue of this Megatron.

Standing 12 inches tall, the Megatron MP-05G boasts articulation down to each finger. A bonus reflector sets off the die-cast metal dude. Takara is known for their complex designs that have made loyal followers of many a serious Transformers collector. Join the fold and don’t miss out on Megatron in gorgeous gold — make a preorder on and have him in your hands in February.

All gold everything.

All gold everything.


Decepticon leader MEGATRON is the latest addition to the amazing Transformers Prime Dark Energon Voyager Class (that’s a mouthful!). Check him out and read all about him:

Each of these translucent figures is the result of exposure to Dark Energon, which twists the mind and powers the body, eventually corrupting and destroying the user. With the Decepticons trying to use the Dark Energon to take over earth, Optimus Prime and the other Autobots are forced to expose themselves to it, so that they are able to take on the Decepticons on their own terms. Will they be able to defeat Megatron and his crew in time for Ratchet to reverse the process, flush the Dark Energon from their systems and save them from a horrid fate?

Translucent figures show the effects of Dark Energon infusion – Unique paint schemes of fan-favorite characters – Autobots and Decepticons have taken on new faction logos: Autobot Dark Energon Defenders and Dark Energon Decepticons


What’s cooler than a giant robot in a sweet cape?


This new version of Masterpiece Starscream appears to have resculpted and recolored parts, and also comes with the crown and cape from his coronation after the supposed death of Megatron.

The jewel-studded Coronation crown and billowing purple cape depict Starscream’s absurd flourish just before the arrival of the vengeful Galvatron. An intricate mixture of plastic and die cast, the MP-11 Masterpiece Coronation Starscream features arm-mounted guns. Following the calamitous Battle of Autobot City, Starscream finally fulfilled his vainglorious quest for leadership after opportunistically casting the battered Megatron adrift in space. Among the remaining Decepticons gathered in Astrotrain’s cargo hold, Starscream’s self-nomination for Decepticon leader triggered a secondary battle for leadership between Soundwave and the Constructicons. Later, on Cybertron, on the lilting current of a pompous coronation ceremony, Starscream was reverently presented with the resplendent leadership crown—only to be completely destroyed by Galvatron prior to the oration of what would have undoubtedly been a profound morale-boosting inaugural speech.

Optimus Prime vs Megatron

It’s Decepticon versus Autobot once again and you get to decide who comes out on top! Based on their dynamic new looks in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, these 8-inch Transformers can stage an epic battle on your toyshelf! The two-pack also comes with the show’s human protagonists and a DVD featuring the series premiere– perfect for converting the uninitiated.

The set is currently available for pre-order and will be shipping out in January 2012, so if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll definitely want to get this one on its way!

The Transformers MASTERPIECE Collection

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of those robots in disguise, the Transformers. And whether you’re Autobot or Decepticon (maybe even Maximal or Predacon), you’ll definitely want to join in on the celebration if you’re any kind of fan. Hasbro and their partners are rolling out a bunch of new items as it celebrates twenty-five years of war waged between Optimus Prime and Megatron. We’ve got a bunch of them available for purchase or pre-order in our online store‘s extensive Transformers Collection.

The 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime figure is a new issue of an old figure and comes with a DVD, a comic and an Autobot display stand perfect for commemorating a quarter decade of Prime’s Autobot leadership.

This Skywarp figure is one of the many stunning items you can find in the Takara collection, a high-end line of unique Transformers figures. Coming soon, we’ll also have Grimlock, Ultra Magnus and Thundercracker from the Masterpiece series.

The Mighty Muggs are yet another expansion of Hasbro’s massive Transformers collection and a fun new take on some of the classic characters. From Optimus to Megatron, Grimlock to Starscream, you’ll definitely want to check out this whimsical line.