Mega Bloks Mega Value 100 Piece Building Set Ages 1+

Mega Bloks Mega Value 100 Piece Building Set

The Best Toddler Toy you can buy. Inspire your child with limitless construction possibilities.  Your child learns to identify colors and shapes, explore new building possibilities and experiment with inventive construction dimensions.

Toy  Review by a recent Buyer:

These are great, lots of primary color and black blocks in a reasonably sturdy tub with a cute lid. The tub isn’t super strong-feeling, but it feels more flexible than brittle, so I’m not too worried about sharp pieces if it breaks. I like these blocks better than Duplos for young toddlers, they are easier to stack and take apart, and they’re nice and big, but they work on the same concept as Legos so they are good ‘training.’ 🙂

We already have the Store and Go table, and needed more blocks for bigger structures. My only complaint about this set seems like a good thing– the tub is too full! I bought this over the sets that come in duffel bags hoping to store all of our Mega Bloks in the tub. Lego tubs are never even nearly full, so I assumed this would have extra room too. Not so! This tub is full to the top with blocks. A good thing, but limiting also. A good deal overall for a toy that will get used and used for years, but I’ll be looking for another storage bin.  A big Thumbs Up for this product.