Start the summer off right with this vintage-style Godzilla bank

Diamond Select Toys have been all about their line of full-sized vinyl kaiju figures lately, and the most recent addition to that line-up comes in the form of a monster who will help you save up for that next tropical getaway! Here’s introducing Mechagodzilla’s number one nemesis, the fearsome 1974 Godzilla.

Toho’s now-classic film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla merits a bit of celebration with this 12-inch-tall and 18-inch-long bank, featuring a back coin slot and a removable tail that cleverly conceals the access door. Don’t be tempted to dip into your stash before you’re ready to book that flight to Cancun, though! Preorder the King of all Monsters for July delivery straight to your home today.

This bank goes harder than Nicki's verse in "Monster".

This bank goes harder than Nicki’s verse in “Monster”.

Mechagodzilla Godzilla Figure S.H. MonsterArts Series

he revolutionary new S.H.MonsterArts series continues! Mecha-Godzilla will be the second release in the rapidly expanding Kaiju Action Figure series! Like Godzilla, the Kaiju King’s mechanized doppelganger will be based on sculpts rendered by the renowned Yuji Sakai and will feature unprecedented detail! Mecha-Godzilla will feature multiple points of articulation allowing for a never-before-realized range of movement – including flight mode! And each figure features unprecedented levels of detail and coloring – no detail is overlooked! Constructed from ABS, PVC and POM materials for enhanced detail, durability and articulation, Mecha-Godzilla also features die-cast parts for additional weight and faithful mechanical portrayal. This high-end figure set also includes interchangeable hand, neck, tail, and mid-section parts, including a plasma grenade launcher! Each figure will also include bonus effect parts and a special display stand for these effect parts, that will only be included in the initial production wave as a First Edition Bonus!

Mechagodzilla Godzilla Figure S.H. MonsterArts Series