Jonas Gustavsson McFarlane NHL Series 24 Hockey Figure

jonas gustavsson

Signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jonas Gustavsson from Sweden could be the next superstar goalie in the NHL.

We’ve followed the guy from Farjestad and he was incredible in his last season in the Swedish league. He was like a freakin’ wall. Its different in the NHL but we will see how he adjust to the North American play. We had a good feeling when Lundqvist went over a couple years ago and we now have that same feeling now.

Here’s a little video clip of Jonas Gustavsson found on youtube:

Jonas Gustavsson has been made into an action figure by McFarlane Toys. This set also includes the following figures:

Michael Cammalleri
Jonathan Toews
Tim Thomas
John Tavares
Robyn Regehr


Roberto Luongo, Sidney Crosby Figures Team Canada Released

Winter Olympics 2010 Team Canada HockeySurprise…surprise….took a stroll at Wal-mart today and found these pretty cool hockey figures sitting on the shelf. It appears to be exclusive to Walmart Canada at this time. The McFarlane Team Canada 2010 Hockey series includes: Sidney Crosby, Jarome Iginla, and Roberto Luongo.

By the way, bumped into Roberto at The Keg in Old Montreal this past summer (super nice guy…and surprising taller that he looks compared to my hockey card photo). Ahh…nothing beats a big piece of Canadian Beef (talking ’bout the Ribeye at The Keg…not Roberto!).

The Keg's Ribeye Steak

We have a very limited amount of figures available….Buy them here.

Here are some pictures of the white jersey variants offered by which are limited and individually numbered.

Limited amount available….Buy them here.

Roll up the Rim Tim

Roll up the Rim to Win

We finally received our shipment of McFarlane NHL Legends Series 8….and they look pretty awesome. This assortment contains one of my all-time favorite players: Tim Horton. I blogged about Tim in an earlier blog….Read it here!

tim horton hockey figure

This assortment also consist of:

  • Terry O’Reilly – Finally a Boston Bruin….We also definitely need more Irish guys!
  • Wayne Gretzky – Enough of him….we don’t need another Wayne figure!
  • Mario Lemieux – Super Mario is always a class act….so yea….I’m cool with this figure.
  • Terry Sawchuk – Great goalie from the good ole times!
  • Theoren Fleury – What the freak is he doing with these other guys! Look, I feel bad about what happened to him (getting molested by his junior coach) but he shouldn’t be with these guys. There are hundreds of other HOF players that could have been added instead.

The paint finish looks much better than previous series and overall they appear to be higher quality. I still question their player selection for each series though. Remember, you can always pick up individual figures or a set. You can also buy a sealed case of 8 figures and hope to get that valuable chase figure. We only have a limited amount of sealed cases left…..check it out at

mcfarlane nhl legends series 8

terry sawchuk figure

Jean Beliveau Crop Circles in Corn Field

Jean Béliveau Montreal Canadiens
The great Jean Béliveau has been celebrated in photo, film, documentaries, books and magazines.

His likeness has appeared on cereal boxes, bottlecaps, keychains and myriad other collectibles. He’s been immortalized in sculptures made of bronze, wood and ice.

But this, Le Gros Bill says, is the first time he’s been made of corn.

Chip and Tom Hunter, farming brothers in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B., have created a 600-foot-tall Béliveau atop a logo celebrating the Canadiens centennial in a six-acre field of feed corn. It’s a tribute to their love of the Habs icon and their favourite NHL team, their impressive maze photographed from 500 feet above.

Scattered throughout the field’s four km of paths are 10 multiple-choice questions; they appear below for you to try your skill. Answers will be found here tomorrow – just to prevent cheating. No prize for a good score, just bragging rights.

Here’s the Hunter brothers’ tribute to the Habs and Jean Béliveau, standing the length of three hockey rinks laid end to end. And below is their quiz; answers here tomorrow. Learn more at their website here.

Here are the 10 multiple-choice questions scattered throughout the Hunter brothers’ six-acre Jean Béliveau corn-field maze in Florenceville-Bristol, N.B.  (answers are below):

1. Which two players share the Canadiens’ record for most goals in one season?

A. Bernie Geoffrion & Guy Lafleur
B. Guy Lafleur & Steve Shutt
C. Guy Lafleur & Maurice Richard
D. Stéphane Richer & Steve Shutt

2. Which Canadiens coach led the team to the most victories in one season?

A. Toe Blake
B. Scotty Bowman
C. Pat Burns
D. Dick Irvin

3. Which Canadiens coach led the team to the most Stanley Cups?

A. Toe Blake
B. Scotty Bowman
C. Cecil Hart
D. Dick Irvin

4. Who scored the most regular-season career goals for the Canadiens?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Yvan Cournoyer
C. Guy Lafleur
D. Maurice Richard

5. Who played the most games in a Canadiens uniform?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Bob Gainey
C. Henri Richard
D. Larry Robinson

6. Who was the longest-serving captain of the Canadiens (with the most games played) ?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Toe Blake
C. Bob Gainey
D. Saku Koivu

7. Who was the last Canadien to win the Calder Trophy as NHL Rookie of the Year?

A. Ken Dryden
B. Saku Koivu
C. Peter Mahovlich
D. Bobby Smith

8. Who was the first Canadien to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Yvan Cournoyer
C. Ken Dryden
D. Serge Savard

9. Which Canadien has the most penalty minutes for one season?

A. Donald Brashear
B. Chris Nilan
C. Lyle Odelein
D. Doug Risebrough

10. Who has played the most playoff games with the Canadiens?

A. Jean Béliveau
B. Bob Gainey
C. Henri Richard
D. Larry Robinson

Are you looking to complete your NHL McFarlane Hockey collection….well, look no further. carries a wide selection of hockey figures….from Maurice “the Rocket” Richard to Bobby Orr….you should find some classic vintage players!

Jean Beliveau NHL Legends Series 2 Figure

Anwsers: 1. b, 2. b, 3. a, 4. d, 5. c, 6. a, 7. a, 8. a, 9. b, 10. d

McFarlane Hockey Figure Collection – Just one word: Awesome!

McFarlane Hockey Figure

One of our best McFarlane NHL Hockey Collector, Jean, sent some pictures of how he likes to display his collection. It looks freakin’ awesome! All he needs is a replica of the Stanley Cup and you are in hockey heaven!

If you have a massive collection of your own and you want me to feature it on this blog, just send pics to david at cmdstore dot com. Don’t forget to include your name along with your location (NO…not your home address, just the city or country).   I have no intention of stalking your house….I just want to see your pics and drool on my keyboard (in my underwear).  Wait, that didn’t come out right!

Searching for McFarlane NHL Sports figures to complete your collection, then make sure to take a look at what we have in stock at

NHL 2009 All-Star Jamboree at the Montreal Bell Centre

NHL all-star Logo

We had a booth at this year’s 2009 NHL All-Star Event selling hockey cards and McFarlane hockey action figures.  The event was a huge success for the NHL organizers.  Huge crowds and a flood of superstar players were on hand to sign autographs for all.