Masters of the Universe: KOBRA KHAN

KOBRA KHAN is the latest addition to the growing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe collection. Grim and green, the snake-headed warrior is as pumped up and over-muscled as…well, everyone else in the action figure line. And as scantily-clad! Naturally, he also comes with some weapons and accessories to improve the experience and allow for that awesome diorama you know you want to make.


Get your hands on some Princess Power with SWIFTWIND!

That’s right. You can get the most awesome, 80s-est flying horse in the universe right here, direct from Unicorn Island. She-Ra’s telepathic mount has arrived on the scene and if you’re a fan of the franchise, then you pretty much have to get your hands on this.

The toy is scaled to accommodate your She-Ra figure (or any other similarly-sized figure) and features articulated legs and wings. It’s a great addition to your toy shelf and has been a hotly-anticipated figure among fans of the rebooted, reborn Masters of the Universe collection.