Masters of the Universe Perfuma scents the air to defeat the Evil Horde

Mattel’s Club Eternia series jumps right back into action with this new Masters of the Universe addition. Here’s Perfuma, a six-inch heroine whose origin story is the stuff of legend. She was born in an enchanted flower garden on Etheria, a student of the magical flowers who taught her to lull humans into a deep, deep slumber. And now she uses this secret power to help She-Ra and the Great Rebellion!

Catra and Evil Horde are no match for Perfuma, for whenever they try something sketchy, she opens her petals into a beautiful blossom. As soon as enemies get a whiff of her perfume, all they want to do is fall into cathartic sleep. Don’t miss out on this truly magical Masters of the Universe babe!

Powerful in pink.

Powerful in pink.

Masters of the Universe Mara of Primus sails in to protect the galaxy

Children of the ’80s are going to go wild over this one. Amp up the nostalgia factor and celebrate the famous Mattel media franchise with this Masters of the Universe Mara of Primus six-inch figure in classic blister card packaging. Forming part of the indispensable Galactic Protectors squad, Mara is Master Sebrian’s bright and young assistant.

Taking the lead to co-pilot the Starship Eternia and free up her galactic crew to enact justice elsewhere, her superhero “rap sheet” is colorful and impressive. Catch the Queen of the Mytes wielding her ponytail mace, too — there’s truly no one like her! (Oh, and we’ve got Buzzsaw Hordak, too!)

Bad chick contest, you in first place.

Bad chick contest, you in first place.

Add Peekablue to your Masters of the Universe collection

Masters of the Universe aficionados and aficionadas are in for a treat with this one. We are stoked to introduce the Masters of the Universe Princess of Power Peekablue from Mattel, rendered in six inches like your other favorite MotU collectibles!

Her gorgeous peacock plumage makes her a skilled spy and magical princess who has the power to see in all directions. Whether she is joining She-Ra in the fight for justice or keeping tabs on the Horde, her magnificent colors are unmistakable.

Peekablue moon.

Peekablue moon.

Watch as Masters of the Universe Club Eternia Huntara and Oo-Larr charge in!

New from Mattel and the Masters of the Universe come two of the most skilled hunters and fierce protectors of Club Eternia: Huntara and Oo-Larr!

Known as a top-of-her-class tracker and trapper, Huntara of the planet Silax (shown below) was a special agent of Hordak employed to capture She-Ra. Tragically, she fell victim to Hordak’s deceit, but her high skill as a hunter remained her legacy.

Oo-Larr‘s sense of adventure and thirst for the unknown set him apart, as he left the confines of the Vine Jungle to explore and seek. He was specially entrusted by the Goddess with keeping the two halves of the Power Sword of He, a duty that he carried out faithfully. Your collection won’t be complete without these two, so grab them today!

Huntara and Oo-Larr will whet your appetite for '80s nostalgia.

Huntara and Oo-Larr will whet your appetite for ’80s nostalgia.

Masters of the Universe Ninja Warrior sneak-attacks!

Fewer beings are more stealth than the Ninja Warrior. He’s so mysterious that his real name is unknown, as he floats in a sinister fashion through the world as we know it. He’s Skeletor’s right hand with his swift and nimble nunchuck skills, summoned from an otherworldly place by a spell of light to fill the hallowed, dreadful role. Tasked with the systematic elimination of the Heroic Warriors with the goal of dismantling He-Man’s army, he wants nothing more than to render Eternia defenseless. But the dastardly double agent “Ninjor” secretly reports back to his true master, Horde Prime, to figure out ways to exploit Skeletor’s weaknesses.

How can one Ninja Warrior be so villainous?! This six-inch figure comes masked with an alternate unmasked ponytail head, alternate belt, nunchucks, samurai sword, bow and quiver of arrows to aim at any threats. Stay out of his way, or face him head-on… if you dare.

P.S. We’ve got the Snake Armor He-Man & Battle Armor King Hsss two-pack, too!

"I'm not a killer, I nunchuck a lot."

“I’m not a killer, I nunchuck a lot.”

Masters of the Universe adds Lizard Man to its roster

Are you ready to own one of the most underground, rare members of Club Eternia? Lizard Man is a reptilian humanoid (phew, that’s a mouthful!) who defends Eternia against any and all forces of evil that may encroach upon it. He is one of MOTU’s more obscure and mysterious characters, as he appeared in only three episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He’s known for his unique affiliation with a species different from the one he was born into (i.e. the ruthless Snake Men).

But despite the fact that his questionable genealogy might have aroused the suspicions of those around him, he is as kind and gentle as they come. Devoted to the Masters of the Universe, he is a total asset with his fighting prowess, balance, and agility. When he shows how courageous he is while battling Skeletor’s goons and helping rescue the Sorceress, one can’t help but feel warm fuzzes for this cold-blooded dude. Add this six-inch figure to your MOTU collection — it can’t be complete without Lizard Man!

He's known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.

He’s known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.

Alternative transportation? New Masters of the Universe Arrow!

It’s true — personal transport via gallant and trusty steed is not only eco-friendly, but totally badass. Etherian Bowman Kyle Reccula has got it figured out, ensuring that his animal partner Arrow was ready to jet into battle at the drop of a… saddle. Yes.

Replete with a quiver full of magical arrows, all with unique properties to aid in combat, Arrow warred in both Etheria and Eternia, after several members of the Great Rebellion followed Hordak through the Laser Gate to help out the Masters of the Universe. And while the Second Ultimate Battleground was going on, Arrow can be credited for saving the lives of many a storied hero by moving like lightning through the air and on the ground. Here, she is eight inches tall and comes from Mattel.

Along with the gorgeous super-horse Arrow, we have six-inch Club Etheria figures Galactic Protector She-Ra and Tung Lashor. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Regular horses will neigh to get your attention. Arrow will rescue your battle comrades.

Regular horses will neigh to get your attention. Arrow will rescue your battle comrades.

Rounding out the Horde is Entrapta, the fiercely tressed lady herself

Seen early on in the animated She-Ra: Princess of Power series, Entrapta is an intense, tigerish technician. Skillfully inventing several contraptions to be used by the Horde in battle, as well as possessing the ability to control her mane at will for combat purposes, Entrapta is a character all her own.

We’re pretty sure that her name must be synonymous with “a force to be reckoned with” in Grayskull-speak. Mattel brings her to us in 6-inch, blister-packaged format this autumn. She’s a Masters of the Universe Classic you won’t want to miss out on.

Mistress of the Universe.

Mistress of the Universe.

Masters of the Universe Glimmer Figure

With the power to light the way, Glimmer uses her abilities against the darkness with her staff and headdress which glow in the dark. This brash, impulsive, ever-cheery, young lady is one of the deposed princesses of Etheria, a fact she never lets anyone forget. Her recklessness often causes problems, but she is a fun, young woman who can laugh through the direst of circumstances and pass on her good cheer to her comrades. She followed She-Ra® along with several other members of the Great Rebellion to Eternia to join up with the renegade Masters of the Universe® and continue the noble fight against The Evil Horde. After She-Ra left Eternia for the stars, Glimmer returned to Etheria taking her rightful place helping to rule over the Kingdom of Brightmoon.

Masters of the Universe Glimmer Figure