Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell unveils Spider-Man polystone statue

The most novel chapter in the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man series for Sideshow Collectibles is this formidable 18-inch statue. The web-slinging hero’s rooftop antics come to life with this polystone creation, rendered in impressive detail to recall all the images of Spider-Man that you know and love.

Designed by acclaimed artist J. Scott Campbell, this statue is as close to the real thing as it gets! After completing work on Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, Campbell proves that this next installment in the Spider-Man series is sheer perfection.

Part arachnid, part dude.

Part arachnid, part dude.

Spider-Man Figures! Plus: First Pics from Turn Off The Dark

We’ve got a ton of Spider-Man figures and collectibles available in our Spider-Man section over at CmdStore! Here’s a look at three of our favourites, before we step off of the display shelf and onto the Broadway stage!

A straight-forward but very solid figure, this Marvel Select Spider-Man from Diamond Toys makes a great addition to your Spidey collection or, if you’re a casual fan, is a good place to start on your way to a display shelf bringing all the awesomeness of the wall-crawling web-slinger to your humble abode!

Yep, this happened. A Spider-Man suit fused with the technology that only Stark Industries can offer, this beautiful comiquette creates an unforgettable image as the now-eight-legged Spider-man crawls across some ruins.

Standing 13 inches tall on an LED-lit base, this statue of Spider-Man’s foe, Venom, is another impressive entry from Kotobukiyua. Check it our if you’re a fan!

Which brings us to the next bit of this post: the first pictures from Julie Taymor’s Broadway take on the superhero: SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK. Gere they are, from Topless Robot: