Halo and ArtFX+ present Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI

*Beyoncé voice* Baby, I can see your Halo . . . and now you can, too! Take a look at these two new figures from Kotobukiya, the ArtFX+Halo Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI. This collectors’ box features exclusive cover art made especially for the acclaimed ArtFX+ series. And wait until you get a load of all of the features these guys come stocked with! The rare double set comes with two base tech suits, red Mark VI armor, blue Mark V armor, two magnums and two plasma swords.

And because we’re all about versatility here at CmdStore, the tech suits are compatible with other Halo ArtFX+ armor sets from Kotobukiya. Each tech suit features 10 points of articulation in the upper body, allowing you to re-create the most #fierce and #fabulous poses from the games. And if you thought it couldn’t get any more enticing, armor pieces slide into place with a quick and easy fit. Done deal, dude. Add these two to your cart now. You know what to do.


Halo fans! We’ve got something rad and new for you

Get ready for two new figurines based on the groundbreaking Halo video-game franchise. These five-inch offerings depict the Master Chief in Cloak (shown below) and the Halo 2 Master Chief (with Mark VI armor). The armor is known for its ability to function at 100% in toxic, radiated environments with ultimate resistance. In the game, each suit is valued at the cost of a small starship, meaning that it’s a real treat that this figurine comes completely outfitted in this armor! These guys come in blister-card packaging from the McFarlane toy manufacturers to give that certain “oomph” to your video-game toy collection. We just got them in — don’t wait!

The Master Chief in Cloak is a brand-new Halo figurine available to order now!

The Master Chief in Cloak is a brand-new Halo figurine available to order now!

Iron Man Mark VI Revoltech Figure

Iron Man Mark VI Revoltech Figure

As a huge fan of toys of different genres, I’d have to admit that the Revoltech series reciprocates the satisfaction that some of the other toy company gives me, and if not, surpasses them by a few miles.  It looks great in a box, but out of the box it offers some great duplication of Iron Man’s prominent pose. It offers many great scenes to copy with the interchangeable hands (repulser blast, fist, open palm for blasting pre blasting look, take off special effect, etc. etc.) and the best of all is the detail put into the toy to make it look like Iron Man in his Mark VI looks astonishing!

Needless to say, the toy won’t be your typical Target/Walmart/Toys R Us product that can be purchased for a more thrift price. The money one needs to fork out is rather demanding, but in my honest opinion, if you have the extra funds, it is well worth the penny and a great looking part for your 6 inch collection!

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