If you’re looking to get your Gears of War turning, then grab this brutal Butcher’s Cleaver, a replica weapon you almost certainly need if you’re entering into an alien war. It’s a full 36 INCHES LONG, too, so you’ll even have the reach.

An insanely detailed foam replica of the Cleaver as seen in the new Gears of War game. Sure to be a popular melee weapon, the Cleaver is 3 feet in length and features a detailed diamond plate textured handle. Pretend you’re a Butcher Boomer or the heroic Marcus Fenix as you hold this mighty replica in your hands! Made of highly durable polyurethane foam, hand painted with battle worn deco!

Gears of War 3 Figures – SERIES 3 COMING SOON!

Pre-order now! Coming in June, we’ve got the third series of Gears of War 3 figures from NECA! Journey’s End Marcus (with gold lancer), Savage Theron (v1) and Savage Theron (v2) and a COG soldier make up this group, which you can snag individually or as a complete set. Each figure boasts the amazing detail and design you’ve come to expect both from the game and the geniuses at NECA. They join a still-growing line of 6-inch figures that will help fans with the wait for the inevitable fourth installment.

Gears of War 3 : New Figures Coming in September!

The latest series of GEARS OF WAR figures is shipping out in September of this year and you can pre-order ’em now! Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird and Clayton Carmine make up this first series of GoW3 figures and they all look great, highly-detailed, rendered faithfully to the game’s brilliant, complex and larger-than-life designs. If you’re a fan of armour, square jaws or maybe just the video game franchise, then this is definitely one collection you’ll want to get your hands on. Grab them individually or as a complete set and we’ll ship ’em out to you the moment they arrive!

Meanwhile, Microsoft is investigating the leak of the upcoming game, as you can read in this article from USA Today:

Microsoft is investigating the leak of an early build of the Epic Games shooter Gears of War 3, IGN reports.

Several videos of the game’s single-player campaign have reportedly surfaced on YouTube and other websites. The company says both its internal security teams and law enforcement are looking into the leak.

“This content is not from a final build and is not representative of what fans will enjoy when the game launches,” Microsoft says in a statement given to IGN.

Gears of War 3 is Microsoft’s first-party 2011 blockbuster for the Xbox 360. The game launches Sept. 20 and stars Marcus Fenix as he fights off waves of Locust and Lambent enemies.

The game will feature a revamped multiplayer mode and cooperative Horde mode, as well as a new match type called Beast mode, where players can take the role of a Locust enemy.

Gears of War: Series 6

Fans of Gears of War might want to get pre-orderin’ as the release date for NECA’s stunning, highly-detailed 6-inch figures approaches at last. Coming this summer, you can get four new figures (Skorge, Kantus Priest, Boomer Mauler and COG soldier) individually or as a complete set.

They’re one of NECA’s most impressive lines if only because the complex, intricate character designs of the game have been captured so perfectly. Every spike, every tarnish, every dent has been captured and even the faces are just stunning. If you’re a fan of the game, then you’ll definitely want to snag this series or grab a couple from previous lines!


The sixth wave of GEARS OF WAR figures has arrived and it looks more insane than ever:

The Figures included in this series are: Skorge, Kantus Priest, Boomer Mauler and COG soldier, each one boasting an extremely high level of detail, the kind you’ve come to expect from NECA. The character design in the games is so distinctive and the figures are equally stunning, bringing to your toy shelf the intimidating and occasionally terrifying look of the franchise. Shipping in March, these 6-inch figures can be purchased individually or you can take advantage of a savings of $11.85 by snagging them as a four-figure set.

And if you’re a fan, you might be pleased to hear that Epic is in the process of finalizing content for the beta release of GEARS OF WAR 3! Check this out from Attack of the Fanboy:

Mike Capps of Epic Games recently spoke about the upcoming Beta for Gears of War 3, and what may or may not be included in the trial period. “We know that the Gears 3 beta access codes will be highly sought-after, so our most passionate fans will get the inside track. The beta starts in the spring and, honestly, we’re still debating what exactly is going to go into the beta so fans will want to be there from the very beginning to see how it evolves and grows,” stated the developer.

Personally, I think Gears has an awesome formula for online multiplayer. The biggest problem that I had with Gears of War 2 was the actual functionality of multiplayer and playing the game outside of with a group of friends. Incorporating a matchmaking service for features like the Horde Mode that actually works, is key. The Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo Franchises do this really well. It’s also probably why they are so popular. You can pick up any of these games at any time, friends online or not, and find a game with no hassle within just a few moments you are in on the action. This is something that wasn’t possible in Gears 2 until long after the game’s initial buzz wore off.

And finally, if you still haven’t gotten your hands on the games, here are the Amazon links you’ll need to get ’em, or pre-order the third!

Gears of War (2-Disc Edition)

Gears of War 2 – Game of the Year Edition

Gears of War 3

NECA’s Stylized Marcus Fenix

I still remember the amazing commercial for Gears of War, which was a trailer-style ad that showcased the dark, powerful imagery of the game to the sound of Gary Jules’ haunting cover of ‘Mad World’. If you don’t remember it, take a look right here…

Since that aired, the game has spawned a sequel and is soon to become a trilogy as massively successful as the acclaimed Halo. And with it has come a ton of figures and collectibles that capture the feeling of the game, plus the amazing detail of the armor, weapons and characters themselves. Fans have been spoiled!

But like Star Trek’s Quogs or Halo’s Odd Pods, Gears of War’s collection of figures have been popular enough to allow for more creative designs to be added to the line and that’s what’s brought us this stylized Marcus Fenix from NECA. It’s a great new look for the game’s protagonist and there’s no doubt this one will be popular with fans. You can snag it at! Just click here or on the picture below to check out the whole collection of toys!

You can also check grab the game itself over at!
Gears of War (2-Disc Edition) for XBox
Gears of War 2 for the XBox

Three New Video Game Figures: Halo, WoW and Gears of War!

There are some awesome new figures coming from the filks at McFarlane, DC Direct and NECA. They’re not on the shelves yet, but you can already pre-order them and make sure you get your hands on the latest video game figures!

The Mongoose is the latest vehicle added to McFarlane’s Halo collection and it looks great. Shipping in October, it comes in three variations: orange, crimson and cyan. Each one is accompanied by a corresponding figure that makes getting your favourite even easier. They look great, the sculpting is stellar and Halo fans are sure to love it.

The new Illidan Stormrage is another go at the powerful World of Warcraft antagonist. A departure from the previous boxed figure, it features Illidan’s demon form and the same high levels of detail you’ve come to expect from DC, plus some awesome aesthetic alterations to the character in his new incarnation.

Usually known for their realistic, high-detail sculpting, NECA’s latest Gears of War figure is nevertheless a very cool piece. A heavily stylized take on Marcus Fenix, it’s definitely one for fans looking for that one special toy that’ll look perfect on a toyshelf.  This one ships in August.