Batman Incorporated: Series One

Batman, Robin, Man of Bats and Knight are the first series of figures from Grant Morrison’s BATMAN INC. line, which saw the Batman universe multiplied internationally as the bat-cowl was franchised. All over the world, Batman and Robin had counterparts of different origins, races and cultures and it created a whole new crop of great stories.

In the first series, we get Bruce Wayne as a newly-reinstated Batman, Damian Wayne as Robin, the Native American Batman Man of Bats and the English Superhero Knight (of Knight and Squire). Each one comes with accessories, features multiple points of articulation and stands about 6 inches tall. If you were a fan of the story arc, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on one or all of these brand new figures!


There are FOUR new Batman figures on the way and they’re all from the recent arc entitled BATMAN INCORPORATED, which sees Bruce Wayne take his enterprise global, sending a team of Batmen out into the world to defend their home cities and countries. The stories of the unique Batmen spread across continents have been some of the most unique Batman has produced in ages, so it’s no surprise it’s been so popular–nor that it has produced the latest awesome 6-inch figures from DC DIRECT. Here’s a look:

The first series includes Batman, Robin (Damian Wayne), Man of Bats and Knight (of Knight and Squire). Each one is brilliantly sculpted and brings Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette’s vision to awesome new life.