Two new sets of the cute-ified Star Wars heroes and villains, the Star Wars GALCTIC HEROES have just increased their number with two brand new waves for 2010, each purchasable individually or as full sets! Check ’em out!

Here’s WAVE 1, which includes the following:
– Republic Commandos 2-pack
– Clone Trooper and Padme
– Cad Bane and Aurra Sing
– Anakin and Ahsoka
– Ep II Clone Trooper and Super Battle Droid
– Anakin Skywalker and ARF Trooper
– Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Fil
– Anakin and Stap
– Endor Luke and Speeder Bike
– Ep III Clone Trooper and Anakin Skywalker
– Kit Fisto and General Grievous
– Jedi Luke and Darth Vader

WAVE 2 is a smaller collection of only four characters, but only 8 figures (or four 2-packs!), but still offers some excellent additions to the line!
– Mandolorian/Mandolorian
– Emperor and Darth Vader
– Darth Maul and Obi-Wan
– Count Dooku and Commando Droid

STAR WARS FIGURES – Orange Cards (2010 Wave 1) and a Deleted Scene!

New Orange Card Star Wars Figures (2010 Wave 1) have now arrived and are in-stock over in our Star Wars Section. They’re part of the orange card line of 3.75 inch figures and this first 2010 wave comes with 12 figures you can pick up individually or as a complete set.

And here’s the full figure list of what you’ll be able to grab!
– Bossk SL01
– IG88 SL02
– Zuckuss SL03
– Greedo SL04
– Jango Fett SL05
– Darth Vader SL06
– Leia Boush SL07
– Darth Maul SL08
– Grievous SL09
– Clone Trooper-EPII SL10
– Anakin-Darth Vader SL11
– Obi Wan SL12

But! there’s some even bigger and more surprising news out there for Star Wars fans with the release of a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi. Here’s a look!

If you can’t watch at work or wherever you’re reading this, then never fear! The Telegraph has a run-down right here:

The announcement was made at the recent Star Wars convention in Orlando, Florida, before the scene was shown.
In it, Darth Vader is seen walking down a corridor, and into a lift, before repeatedly calling a drawn out “Luke” and adding “join me on the dark side”.

He says: “My son it is the only way.”

A dark hooded Skywalker, with only the lower half of his face visible and cast into relief by stark lighting, looks down at the light sabre in his hands.

He then makes some adjustments to it with a tool, before changing hands and lighting the sabre’s green blade.

In the last few frames of the scene, he is shown to be sat in a cave in the desert, with R2D2 and C3PO waiting for him outside.

Some fans said the scene was significant because its dark tone added to the intriguing uncertainty of whether Luke would remain with the jedi or go to the dark side.

Professor Layton ON ICE! And Professor Layton Revoltech figure!

I was a latecomer to the incredible Professor Layton franchise, only picking the first game up late last year, but I immediately fell in love with it. The music, the characters, the videos, the puzzles, everything. It’s a rare treat in a sea of games that too often seems too focused on either empty action or puzzles without a story behind them. I just started the sequel, The Diabolical Box, and am looking forward to the adventure that surely awaits.

Now, one of the things that comes with being a latecomer is a general ignorance to the fandom, which means that I was absolutely shocked to discover the sheer magnitude of the Japanese appreciation for this series. Movies! Soundtracks! Plush toys! Figures! Posters! Absolutely everything one could ever want. He even gets brought into the real world: here he is ice skating a little while back. In the words of the folks over at kotaku (where the video is located), “The puzzle here is to work out how a man with such an enormous head has the balance of a ballerina!”.

Of course, this is more or less a blog about action figures, so I’d best say what I came to say and that is that I am hoping and praying–desperately–that, come March, I am hoping to get my hands on one of these:

It’s a Professor Layton Revoltech figure! Featuring multiple heads and hands as well as props, he captures both of professor Layton’s moods: puzzled and cheerful (due to having gotten over his puzzlement).

I can’t wait!