Star Wars Legends Figure Black Series 1

Star Wars Legends Figure Black Series
After 35 years of fantastic plastic standing tall in pop culture at 3¾ inches, Hasbro is releasing the Star Wars Black Series this year, beginning a new set of 6-inch figures that will feature more articulation and an increased attention to detail.

Eight figures are planned for 2013 – Hasbro will primarily draw characters from the original Star Wars trilogy of films while also bringing in key players from the prequels.

The first wave of four, just out now, includes Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing Fighter flight suit, fan-favorite droid R2-D2, bad guy Darth Maul and an Imperial Sandtrooper.

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New from STAR WARS: Lightsabre Chopsticks!

Well, Star Wars leaves no merchandising opportunity unexplored and so it’s actually no surprise that they’ve come up with a new product now available over at!

Mace Windu & Darth Maul, Darth Vader & Yoda and Luke Skywalker & Yoda make up the first three packs of Star Wars chopsticks that bring a little bit of the Force to your next meal!

Kotobukiya is delighted to announce an innovative and fun addition to their Star Wars line of products: Lightsabers merge with Japanese culture and “Chop Sabers” emerge! Suitable for eating sushi or defending the galaxy, the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader lightsabers measure over 9” long, with the blades cast in translucent material. The smaller “children’s size” Yoda saber measures approximately 8” long. As a special bonus each set includes translucent Star Wars logo chopstick rests!



We’ve got a huge number of Star Wars Lego playsets and battle packs in-stock and ready to go, perfect for the Jedi in your life as the holidays approach. The Lego sets have been bolstered by the success of the Lego Star Wars video games, but have enjoyed a strong following in their own right, with both SW and Lego enthusiasts getting their hands on them–sometimes to create some pretty impressive displays.

The collection includes over 25 different sets that you can collect and build, but here’s a look at four hand-picked items from our Star Wars Lego section!


As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, the Republic army advances across the battlefields of hundreds of planets. Build up your army with the Clone Walker™, a tough 2-man vehicle with poseable legs and flick-firing missiles!

* Includes 2 Clone Troopers™, Clone Gunner™, Clone Commander™ and ARC trooper gear!
* Build your army and add #8015 Assassin Droids™ Battle Pack for even more fun!
* Measures over 3.5″ (8cm) tall!


Build up your Rebel forces and celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back!When the Empire attacks the hidden Rebel base on the ice planet Hoth, brave Rebel troopers and pilots fight back with their combat speeder with flick-firing missiles. Includes 3 Rebel troopers in cold-weather gear and Rebel pilot Zev Senesca.

* Includes Rebel combat speeder vehicle, Rebel pilot Zev Sensca and 3 Rebel troopers
* Launch the 2 flick-firing missiles mounted on the ice-cutting combat speeder
* Rebel troopers equipped with cold-weather gear including the NEW Hoth helmet
* Measures over 4″ (10cm) long


Switching between walker, bomber and attack modes, the Hyena Droid is a powerful multi-purpose weapon for the Separatists as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Features four dropping bombs and three all-new rocket battle droid minifigures.

* Pivot the wings for flying and walking positions!
* Includes 3 new droid minifigures with special jet packs!
* Measures 10″ (25cm) wide by 8″ (20cm) long!


Battle the Separatist armies in space with the powerful V-19 Torrent starfighter, blasting straight out of the Clone Wars! Wings and landing gear move together automatically to switch between landing and flying modes. Authentically detailed with features including an opening cockpit, flick-firing missiles, and a new clone trooper pilot figure! Includes Clone Pilot minifigure! Launch the flick-fire missiles and open the sliding cockpit! Wings fold down and landing gear fold up to go from landing mode to flying mode! V-19 Torrent has a 21’½” (55cm) wingspan! Measures 9″ (23cm) long and 9’½” (24cm) high!

Smiling Luke Skywalker: A Comic Con Exclusive!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Star Wars toys out there and there’s no sign that LucasArts or Hasbro intends to staunch the flow anytime soon. But every so often, there’s an item that stands out in the crowd and that’s exactly how I feel about this new 3 3/4 inch figure based on the original trilogy.

Luke Skywalker, hero of the films, is usually seen in action shots, looking grim and serious as he takes on the threat of the Dark Side as it seeks to rule the galaxy. But in this San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Luke is all smiles as he celebrates a well-earned victory. This one is a neat addition to any fan’s collection.

And for more, check out the rest of our Comic Con exclusive collection by clicking the banner below!

Star Wars: New Toys and Old Games!

Two new Star Wars Sideshow figures are headed for our shelves, shipping in the first quarter of 2010 and featuring all the detail and quality you would expect from some of the best action figure designers in the world.

First up is the Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker, featuring a completely accurate costume including shoulder armor and wrist guards, two sets of interchangeable hands, lit and unlit lightsabers and a display base.

The second figure out next year is the Episode 2 Clone Trooper. It features over 30 points of articulation, two different weapons and a perfectly-detailed bodysuit based on the designs in the film.

These two are in addition to the Sideshow San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 2-pack featuring Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (now on sale!) in their stormtrooper disguises. This one ships this month and, like the others, can be pre-ordered already!

And if NEW Star Wars isn’t your thing, here’s a walk down memory lane…

Direct from the Guardian:

It’s almost like LucasArts suddenly realised the value of the old games they had gathering dust in their proverbial gaming cupboard. Following on from Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the rest comes yet more retro goodies. Super Star Wars has been released for the Wii, with the other two games in the series out soon. Okay, it’s not the Grim Fandango re-release we all want but let’s not complain.

Back in the early 90s the Super Star Wars games were as close as you could get to reliving the original trilogy. Ok the films didn’t feature any tricky platforming but hey, the graphics were great for their day. When I remember the games – and I haven’t played or seen them since 1994 – I think of extreme difficulty and impressive audio. The landspeeder level sticks out too. I’m guessing the music won’t be as impressive this time round but the difficulty level – after 15 years of softening up as games have gotten checkpoint-friendly and generally easier – will likely be a killer. Will today’s gamers have the patience to persevere with Skywalker and co?

Anyway, Super Star Wars – are you tempted? And what do you want to see released next from the LucasArts archive?