COMING SOON: Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology!

Located in Montreal? If you’re not, then I think you ought to consider making it a vacation destination in…oh, let’s say April 2011?


Because on April 28th, Lucasfilm is launching INDIANA JONES AND THE ADVENTURE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, a massive exhibit that brings real-life relics together with the props and costumes from the hugely popular film franchise. It’s the first time something like this has ever been mounted and it’s sure to be big. The National Post has the full story.

For the past thirty years, audiences around the world have followed Indiana Jones on his quests for treasure, adventure, fortune and glory. And now, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, a redefined modern exhibition experience, is coming to a museum near you. This innovative exhibition,made possible by Lucasfilm Ltd., presented by the National Geographic Society and produced by Montreal’s X3 Productions, will feature fascinating artefacts from the National Geographic Society and the Penn Museum, along with an extensive collection of Indiana Jones film materials from the Lucasfilm Archives. This first-of-its kind touring exhibition will be presented in twelve world-class institutions in Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The world premiere run will be held at the Montreal Science Centre, starting April 28, 2011.

Kyra Bowling, Exhibits Manager at Lucasfilm Ltd., is pleased to see that “Dr. Jones has found his way to the museum and accompanies visitors on their very own adventure into the science of field archaeology.” Bowling adds, “The Indiana Jones films have entertained generations of audiences and this exhibition provides a wonderful way to merge that on-screen excitement with the science of archaeology to help inspire learning in a fun, dynamic way.”

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology not only features a vast and exclusive collection of Indy props, models, concept art and set designs, it also presents a wealth of historical and cultural facts. The internationally renowned University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, otherwise known as the Penn Museum, is providing genuine archaeological artefacts and educational material. The National Geographic Society, the exhibition’s global presenting partner, also shares artefacts, photos, videos and content from its impressive and historic archive.

“This exhibition is an exciting journey into the real world of archaeology,” says Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic’s Archaeology Fellow. “This is the perfect opportunity to introduce audiences of all ages to this fascinating scientific field through the inspiration of these highly popular films. It is a natural for National Geographic.”

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology transforms the museum experience into a multimedia and interactive adventure. Visitors will be immersed in the world of Indiana Jones, an environment created by state-of-the-art technology and spanning over 1,000 square metres. Equipped with a video companion, visitors will embark on a quest to uncover the true origins of archaeological mysteries. Charged with comprehensive educational content, photos and videos, the interactive hand-held devices will guide visitors on the “Indy Trail” and through the various archaeological zones. Visitors will also have the ability to create their own adventure with an interactive quest.

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology will elucidate myths associated with relics like the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail and explore mythical places such as Akator or Mayapore. The exhibition also will shed light on how archaeologists really work on projects such as deciphering ancient scripts and discovering the true origins of the mysterious Nasca lines in southern Peru. With Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, visitors will discover where fact meets fiction.

A Team of Experts

In order to create a new kind of museum experience, one that will engage, educate and entertain visitors in innovative ways, X3 Productions has not only put its creative expertise to work, it has also gathered a team of world-renowned specialists. With their recognized knowledge in academic and field archaeology Drs. Michel Fortin and Fredrik Hiebert have helped to create and develop the exhibition’s educational content. With a specialty in Near Eastern archaeology, Fortin is a Full Professor of Archaeology who has been teaching in the Department of History at Université Laval in Quebec City for nearly three decades. He has led numerous excavation teams in the Middle East and is a true ambassador to his profession. A world-renowned archaeologist and National Geographic Fellow, Hiebert is a field expert who has searched for human history in some of the world’s most remote and exotic places. His experience in both North and South America and across Asia is ideal for this project. The team is further supported by Shirley Reiff Howarth, director of the Humanities Exchange in Montreal, whose expertise in travelling exhibitions and museum curation has proven to be a great asset in the development of this project.

Archaeology and Local Treasures

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology sets the wheels in motion not only to inspire, but most importantly to cultivate a lasting interest in archaeology. The world abounds with treasures, some of which can be found in our own backyard. The exhibition is designed in such a way that the last gallery is dedicated to local archaeology, allowing the host museum to feature some of its prized collections. For its world premiere in Montreal, artefacts from the Archaeology Collection of the City of Montreal will be on display.

To learn more, visit the Official Site or check it out on FACEBOOK to keep up with all the news!

Plus, here’s a look at the trailer!

STAR WARS: Black and Silver VINTAGE Series

Star Wars was among the first big, collectible action figure lines available to fans and also one of the earliest ones to go fully mainstream, inviting huge numbers to pick up the classic black and silver packages featuring 3.75-inch renderings of the main members of the massive Star Wars universe. Of course, since those days, the toys have multiplied and we’ve seen their every permutation as they continue to spread throughout the world and as the stories of Star Wars continue on into the present day. But in a tip of the hat to the old retro packs, Lucasarts brings you the latest series of items from their Vintage Collection! Here’s a look at 2010’s newest wave.

Included in this group, which is snaggable as both individual figures or a set of all 11, are the following characters:
– Dengar
– Hoth Leia
– Hoth Hangar Han
– Bespin Luke
– Darth Vader
– Cloud Car Pilot
– AT-AT Commander
– Boba Fett
– C-3PO
– Dak
– 4-LOM

And if you’e looking for something slightly less retro, then you might also want to check out another new arrival, this brand new Comic 2-pack: Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep. Unpronounceable, but cool:

They join the complete collection of Extended Universe comic 2-packs over at!

Star Wars: The Sandtrooper Corporal and the Legacy Collection

The new Sandtrooper Corporal figure from Sideshow is a part of the new Militaries of Star Wars line and proof that, no matter what happens, there will always–always–be Star Wars merch. It is the fandom that keeps on ticking and one that definitely doesn’t seem ready to stop consuming merch. The 12-inch figure is, as ever, a work of art from the folks at Sideshow, and here’s a look, along with the specs:

* Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation
* Fully detailed Sandtrooper armor set, featuring helmet faceplate, left shin armor, abdomen armor, and pauldron with black rank designation.
* Bodysuit
* Shoulder Pouches
* Belt Pouches
* DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle
* Detailed Backpack
* 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars Logo

But if you’re looking for something a little more classic than the Sideshow offerings, we’ve also got the 2009 and 2010 Star Wars Legacy Collection 3.5-inch figures now available for purchase as individual figures or in full-series sets. Click the pic below (the 2010 Wave 1 set) to see the whole collection over at

Monkey Island Returns! No, seriously this time!

It’s hard for me to adequately express how much I love Monkey Island. I’ve played through all four games several times, I’ve got the soundtracks on my iPod and I always think of Guybrush whenever I put something unreasonably large inside one of my pockets.  Of course, for the past few years, my fellow MI fans and I have been languishing, waiting for news of a fifth game that we figured would never come.

But we were wrong.

Because not only are the folks at Telltale bringing you a brand new game, but they’re taking the original–and awesome–game and remaking it with the voice talents we came to love in the third game. Before we discuss that, though, check out the trailer for the upcoming five-part game, Tales of Monkey Island…

The graphics might be a little jarring, especially to those who preferred the look of The Curse of Monkey Island to those of Escape from Monkey Island, but the voices are back, the writing is back and the music is back. It’s going to be awesome. But for those who really, really need a bigger dose of pure nostalgia, take a look at this picture:

That’s the new style for the completely remade Monkey Island 1. It’s a frame-by-frame, line-by-line do-over with the CMI cast that brings the 20 year old franchise to the modern day on PC and XBox. The new look is joined by a new hint system (optional–purely for those amateurs who require such things) and some developer Easter eggs, but purists need not worry! At ANY TIME, players can hit one button and be taken back to the old days, reverting to the original graphics. It’s a great, thoughtful add-on.

The fun starts with ToMI on July 7th and then you can expect SoMI’s remake to be available later this summer.

Of course, there’s alto this tasty little tidbit from

Monkey Island rumoured for iPhone
Lucasarts’ Monkey Island may well be coming to the iPhone this year, possibly with enhanced features to0

Monkey Island may be paddling its way to the App Store, suggested by series producer Craig Derrick.

Fans of old skool adventure games will no doubt be excited by this news, but it’s by no means concrete at this stage. Derrick said, in an interview with Destructoid, that when he first joined Lucasarts, his first project was to do with trying to port games like Monkey Island over to other platforms, such as the original iPod.

Pocket Gamer made the connection that the upcoming re-workings of the adventure classic for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, due later this year, was a pretty good sign that it may also appear on the iPhone.

The device’s touchscreen makes it a perfect candidate for this breed of adventure game, while other high-megabyte games on the App Store prove that it would be easily capable of managing a full speech version of the game too. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more information on this intriguing rumour.