Looking for something to do in NYC? Want to geek out among your peers? Want to meet and greet some exceptionally cool people in the industry? Then look no further than the 300th Episode recording of the hugely popular podcast, COMIC NEWS INSIDER, inviting a live audience to join in the fun!

Here’s the info from Jimmy Aquino’s podcast page:

As you know, my podcast, COMIC NEWS INSIDER, is recording our 300th episode in front of a live audience on Tuesday, October 19th. Info below:

What: Live recording of COMIC NEWS INSIDER Episode 300
When: Tuesday, October 19th.
Time: 6pm-9pm (We’ll start recording around 7pm).
Where: Latitude Bar & Grill (783 8th Ave b/w 47th & 48th). 3rd Floor.

And I know you’ve been wondering who some of the special guests will be. Here they are:

Kate Beaton: Her online webcomic, Hark, A Vagrant is pure historical hilarity. She’s extremely talented, intelligent and quite engaging. You’ll love her!

Kevin Maguire: Massively talented artist who has been drawing superheroes for years. He’s best known for his great run on Justice League of America back in the 80’s.

Veronica Taylor: She was the voice of “Ash” in the ridiculously popular animated series, Pokemon. Her voice over credits are extensive and include roles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Slayers.

Michael Emerson: Recently seen in his Emmy winning role of “Benjamin Linus” in the hit series Lost. He’s an old friend and is stopping by for a quick cameo to say hi at our anniversary recording! (p.s. Stalkers, don’t bother coming. If you act crazy, I will have you removed!)

Lots of friends in the comic book biz will be in attendance and maybe we’ll call them up on mic. You may even see the likes of Frank Miller, John Cassaday and others! Come on by for a rockin’ good time!


Very few television shows could look the president in the eye and ask him to move for them, but the premiere episode of Lost’s final season did just that. And what’s more, Obama’s State of the Union address did get moved so that this hotly anticipated return could go on unfettered. Well done, LOST. Well done.

But what to do until then? Well, you could always do what I do whenever I find myself in need of a fandom fix: read every article, scope out all the merchandise and rewatch everything I can. So to start you off, here’s a link to the merch (some of our remaining toys from the LOST figure line!) and a little bit of reading from USA Today about LOST’s Josh Holloway.

HONOLULU — Josh Holloway has something in common with his raffish con man, James “Sawyer” Ford. The character survived a plane crash; the actor has survived into Lost’s final season. “I feel some validation because I’m still alive!” Holloway, 40, says as he beams a high-wattage smile.

Holloway, sitting down for a beer at a waterside restaurant, says he thought loner Sawyer would be an early goner on Lost (tonight, 9 ET/PT, ABC).

“I remember reading the first pilot and going, ‘Oh, my God, this guy’s an ass! I’ll be lucky if I last half a season.’ My work was to try to find any inkling of humanity in the guy in order to survive,” he says. “Well, it’s worked so far.”

Yes, it has. Over five seasons, Sawyer has become a Lost favorite for his sex appeal, his sarcastic quips, his part in the great Sawyer-Kate-Jack love triangle and that snarly yet charming demeanor.

It was Holloway’s first big role, and he’s grateful to have had the chance to prove himself on Lost. “So much has changed for me here,” he says. “I really didn’t believe I would last this long or that I’d be accepted, or that I’d grow as an actor … It’s a lot of fun to not be embarrassed when I say I’m an actor,” says Holloway, who plans to pursue film work after Lost ends.

Producers praise Holloway’s skill. “It’s almost impossible to transform a bad boy into the guy with a heart on his sleeve, but Josh had done just that,” executive producer Damon Lindelof says.

Holloway’s time on Lost coincided with big changes in his life: his first house, marriage to wife Yessica, and having his first child, daughter Java, last year. “All these huge milestones in life have happened here. It’s changed my life significantly, partly because I was at that point in my life, and partly because (Lost) has allowed me to do so.”

“Push the bloody button, Brutha!”: LOST Blogs and Figures

If you’re a fan of ABC’s LOST and can’t seem to figure out what you’re going to do with yourself until 2010 when the show returns, we’ve got a couple suggestions in the forms of two in-depth Lost Blogs on Livejournal and a line of figures that are sure to make the wait just a little bit easier.

First of all, we’ve got Whitebrowgigs’ Blog, where you’ll not only find entertaining tales of his daily life, but a glut of geekery and the most details Lost blogs out there. Informally titled “Push the Bloody Button, Brutha!”, his lost postings are an incredible feat. Not only do they include night-of screencaps and witty commentary, but there’s a section for every little detail you might have missed, references to previous episodes, links to further information about whatever clues LOST has left behind and (my personal favourite part) a “by numbers” guide of every episode, including stuff like:

– During Kate’s flashback, a 6 pack of beer was $4.00
– Sawyer’s parents were killed when he was 8.
– Hurley had $227 in cash when he got arrested. 2*7=14 + 2= 16.

It’s truly the most comprehensive guide to the series I’ve seen yet and if you’ve got a Livejournal or an OpenID, you can post comments to get in on the spectulative action. Definitely a must-read for fans of the series who can’t get enough of the mystery.

For a more group-oriented approach, and a lot more Lost-gossip and honest-to-God “squee-ing” and related gossip or info, look no further than the Oh No They Didn’t! spin-off community, ONTD_LOST. From Attack of the Show videos to animated gifs and clips, you’ll find everything to satisfy the more fun-loving part of your Lost-love.

And finally, if you’d prefer a more hands-on way to bring LOST into your home, our online store offers a selection of LOST figures from the wizards over at McFarlane. Check ’em out! Series one includesJack, Locke, Hurley, Shannon, Kate, Charlie and the Mysterious Hatch while series two includes Jin, Sun, Sawyer and Mr. Eko.