Masters of the Universe adds Lizard Man to its roster

Are you ready to own one of the most underground, rare members of Club Eternia? Lizard Man is a reptilian humanoid (phew, that’s a mouthful!) who defends Eternia against any and all forces of evil that may encroach upon it. He is one of MOTU’s more obscure and mysterious characters, as he appeared in only three episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He’s known for his unique affiliation with a species different from the one he was born into (i.e. the ruthless Snake Men).

But despite the fact that his questionable genealogy might have aroused the suspicions of those around him, he is as kind and gentle as they come. Devoted to the Masters of the Universe, he is a total asset with his fighting prowess, balance, and agility. When he shows how courageous he is while battling Skeletor’s goons and helping rescue the Sorceress, one can’t help but feel warm fuzzes for this cold-blooded dude. Add this six-inch figure to your MOTU collection — it can’t be complete without Lizard Man!

He's known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.

He’s known as Lizzie to his closest pals. Aww.


Here’s a run-down of the figures you can snag in the fifth series of Lego Minifigures: Graduate, Gladiator, Royal Guard, Ice Fisherman, Cavewoman, Lizard Man, Zookeeper, Lumberjack, Small Clown, Fitness Instructor, Detective, Evil Dwarf, Boxer, Egyptian Queen, Gangster and Snowboarder Guy!

These figures are available in three different ways! If you’re looking for a complete set, then you can snag it right here and be done with it, having everything in your hands in one fell swoop. If you prefer to buy just one at a time, then take your pick and get any of the figures you’re looking for right here. Or, if you’re just looking for any figure to add to your collection, then have some fun and leave it up to chance by snagging a random booster pack!