Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Scervo and Link statues are here

If skeletal robot-pirates are your jam, you’re going to want to listen up for this one. New from Dark Horse Comics is the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Scervo statue figure. He stands 11 inches tall and represents the best of both statue and figure worlds.

This villainous warrior engages Link in battle on the Sandship, armed with a drill, which acts as a sword infused with electricity. He also comes packaged in deluxe color gatefold collector packaging. We’ve got Link, too, so don’t miss out!


Link Ultra Detail Figure from The Hyrule Fantasy is here in time for the holidays

The little dude in green is back. Bring the Nintendo action-adventure video game to the comfort of your own collection with this new Link Ultra Detail Figure (UDF) PVC statue from Medicom. He’s jumped right out of the screen of The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy‘s gameplay. Drawing upon the rich history of the video-game franchise, this PVC guy is straight out of 1986. What more could a Zelda fan ask for?

Link stands three inches tall and comes in standard blister packaging, making him ideal for display. Click on the picture below and don’t miss out on Link when you’re doing your holiday shopping!



One of the most iconic villains in video game history, GANONDORF finally arrives from Nintendo and First 4. Standing an impressive 23 inches tall, he’s an awe-inspiring statue cast in polystone and hand finished and painted. He features an incredibly detailed authentic hand-tailored fabric cape featuring wires that allow for awesome poseability. But forget that… just look at him.

He’s a UK import and his design reflects his look in Twilight Princess.

Legend of Zelda : 12-Inch RAH Link

Standing a full foot tall, LINK finally has the highly-detailed, beautifully-designed figure he has long deserved. Nintendo’s always been a little weird about producing top-quality merch (still waiting on that perfect Samus figure) and so we’re always pleased when things like this happen. Link comes with two interchangeable facial expression parts and 4 eye parts to allow him a variety of expressions and he also includes weapons, accessories and a figure stand. Legend of Zelda fans rejoice!


A UK Import from First 4 Figures, this is one figure Legend of Zelda fans won’t want to miss! At 23” tall with the detailed base, he’s every bit as imposing (and creepy) as you’d want! Showcasing both his regal design and the darkness in his eyes, Ganondorf has really never looked better. Nintendo’s always been a little late to the party when it comes to creating collectibles for its wealth of franchises, but when they go for it, they always knock it outta the park.

Ganondorf comes with an authentic, hand-tailored cape and is packaged in a full-colour, hand-numbered box with an authenticity card.


This might just be the Link figure to rule them all (sorry– we’ve got LOTR on the brain with all that Hobbit news). Featuring a ton of articulation, the Master Sword, his Hylian Shield and a switch-out head for those days when passivity needs to be replaced with pure rage. As you’d hope, his sword and shield can be carried on his back. It’s a great item celebrating a great franchise and fans should definitely rush to pick it up! Pre-Order NOW and it ships in October!  Here are some additional pics to get you drooling.


In North America, Nintendo has always been a little weird about its merchandise. There’s been a lot of cheap stuff, a lot of strange branded items, but not a lot of true collector’s pieces. And in an age of high-detail, high-end figures and collectibles being issued for the big game releases, it’s odd that some of the most enduring characters and franchises still haven’t gotten their due.

Until recently, of course, with the release of Metroid and Zelda items the likes of which we’ve been waiting for for far too long. Case in point:

The statue stands a whopping 17 inches tall and features Link on a rearing Epona, brandishing the Master Sword and looking exactly as awesome as you know he should.

Link and Epona PBM Statue

For whatever reason, Nintendo has never really gotten as detailed with or as dedicated to detailed, collector-friendly merchandise as you’d expect from a company with so many characters. Given that game franchises like Halo, Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid have tons and tons of high-quality items, one might expect Nintendo to follow suit with some of its signatures. It’s a shame, then, that they’re taking the “few and far between” path with their releases, but maybe it’s worth it for statues like this:

Limited to 1500, we’ve opened pre-orders for this stunning 17-inch statue of Link and Epona, designed by Siamak Roshani and Goran Sadojevich. It’s a celebration of the Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary crafted with a faux-bronze finish. Stunning–and well worth the wait.

Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Premiere

Legend of Zelda LinkOk…maybe it is not a real official movie trailer of the most popular Nintendo RPG: Legend of Zelda. It is supposed to be an April Fool’s Day release done by IGN. Check it out and you be the judge:

Do you want to check out what Legend of Zelda products we carry….click the image and see the toys, figures, plushes and all other goodies related to Zelda.


Link Legend of Zelda Plush Figure

Legend of Zelda Statues and Figures

There are some great new items over in our Legend of Zelda section at Cmdstore.com. Two brand new 7-inch sculptures of Link in both red and blue tunics, wielding his blade against any creatures that should threaten the safety of Hyrule.

The statues look great, and add a touch of extra class to an already impressive licensed collection including action figure, plush toys, soundtracks and wall scrolls.

But for anyone who wants to cut out the chaff and get right to gaming, here’s some good news! There’s a brand new Wii adventure in the cards for Link and co. and it’s heading our way sooner than later! From CNET:

With Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M already on their way to the Wii console this year, it seems that Nintendo has a full release calendar ahead. But in a recent interview with Wired, published on Thursday, Nintendo Vice President Cammie Dunaway said a new Legend of Zelda title for the Wii might also be released this year.

Dunaway said Nintendo’s release calendar for 2010 is “night and day,” when compared to its releases in the first half of 2009. “And from some of the things that (Nintendo chief Satoru) Iwata has talked about, and that we will talk about at E3, like Zelda–you know that we’re going to have a good back half of the year, as well,” Dunaway continued.

As Wired pushed for more information on Zelda, Dunaway stopped short of explicitly saying a new title from the famed franchise is indeed coming this year. When asked if Nintendo would release Mario, Metroid, and Zelda “all in one year,” Dunaway was coy, saying jokingly that Wired owes her “a steak dinner,” since the publication predicted earlier this year that Nintendo wouldn’t release all three titles in a single year.
Based on her responses, it seems awfully likely that a new Zelda game will be coming to the Wii this year.
Over the past few weeks, rumors have swirled that Nintendo would release a new Legend of Zelda game this year. CNET’s Jeff Bakalar and Mark Licea, hosts of CNET’s preGAME show, discussed the possibility of a new Zelda title coming out in 2010, in their inaugural episode earlier this month.

Dunaway’s comments have officially added fuel to those rumors.
At this point, it’s still too early to say for sure that a new Zelda game is on the way this year. But if I had to guess, I think that we’ll see it by the end of 2010.