Pint-sized punches of color: DC’s Li’l Gotham mini-figures

As a continuation of their awesomely adorable Li’l Gotham collection, DC and artist-writer Dustin Nguyen have decided to keep on riding the collaboration train! A creative imagination of beloved characters from DC Comics’ Li’l Gotham series, Li’l Gotham shows us a different way of looking at cherished champions of justice in Gotham City. We have three-inch versions of Robin (pictured below) and Harley Quinn, the latter of which comes with a baby Joker doll in one hand.

They’ll make innovative additions to your toy assemblage, or adorn your desk or nightstand with an extra punch of color. These guys would make awesome stocking stuffers, too! Grab yours and pick up some more for the DC mega-fans in your life.

Li'l Robin, the li'l sidekick to li'l crime-fighting efforts to dole out justice.

Li’l Robin, the li’l sidekick to li’l crime-fighting efforts to dole out justice.

“Li’l Gotham” series adds adorability factor to Batman franchise lineup

The adjective “cute” might not be your go-to when it comes to describing the highly complex, stood-the-test-of-time urban heroes of Gotham City. But all of that is about to change. Here, inspired by the art of Dustin Nguyen, comes the first offering in the “Li’l Gotham” 4-inch series. Add this tiny, chubby Batman to your collection to provoke a smile or two from your guests. And yourself, too.

What a cutie.

What a cutie.