Feast your eyes upon a Lantern-heavy edition of DC Direct’s DC UNIVERSE line. The 17th series includes a ton of classic heroes and villains in togs a little different than you’re used to!

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, White and Black Lantern Hal Jordan, Indigo Tribe Atom, Sinestro Corps Scarecrow (no surprises, there) and Blue Lantern Flash make up the series and you can get them together or individually. If you do collect them all, however, you can build ANTI-MONITOR as the oversized Build-a-Figure and that’s always a plus with these lines. We’re still waiting on the Hals, but if you order now, you can expect them in July!

Together At Last: DC versus MOTU

Two follow-ups to Lex Luthor’s face-off against Skeletor have now arrived in our DC 2-Pack collection! No longer a battle between Evil and “Just as evil”, we’ve reached another level of awesome with some new faces:

AQUAMAN VERSUS MER-MAN wage a battle beneath the waves. This whole collection just screams “fan-service” and yet it does so in the greatest possible way, satisfying all the geeks who have ever wanted to play out a round of “Who would win in a fight?” between the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe. Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and comes ready with a signature weapon!

If you want to take the war to the skies, of course, that option is also available in the HAWKMAN vs. STRATOS set!


The new Aquaman vs. Black Manta 2-pack is another classic DC Universe rivalry captured for the company’s 2-pck collection. The sea’s greatest defender faces off against his greatest enemy and the pair are rendered brilliantly as 6-inch figures bearing their signature weapons and clad in their classic costumes. Any fan of the Justice League, Aquaman, Black Manta or, really, just some well-made figures, should definitely check this one out. It’s a great new addition and it’s nice to see these versions of what are, really, two frequently underused characters.

But that’s not the only new 2-pack worthy of note! No, far from it. Because we’ve got a great pair that brings together two supervillains from different worlds, facing off in what might be the most epic battle to span the universes! Ready? Because here it is!

An exclusive 2-pack sees Skeletor and Lex Luthor, together at last as 6-inch figures. Packaged with a full-length comic, this is a chance to join fandoms in a way that we’re all too thrilled to see! Check it out!

Mattel’s DC Universe 2-Pack: LEX LUTHOR vs. SUPERGIRL

Lex Luthor vs. Supergirl: Kryptonite Chaos is the latest of the DC Universe 2-packs to his shelves. Here’s a look:

Each figure stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and features kryptonite accessories the evil Luthor employs in trying to stop one of his greatest enemies and a champion of justice, Supergirl. Check it out here alongside the other 2-packs and snag it before it’s gone!