Star Trek the Original Series Excelsior NX-2000 vehicle figure!

Diamond Select Toys has brought us this amazing 18-inch vehicle figure that will make you feel like you’re searching for Spock yourself! Take in this test version of the legendary interplanetary glider U.S.S. Excelsior, as seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Leonard Nimoy’s 1984 work became a quintessential element of the Star Trek franchise, and what better way to remember the magic than with the NX-2000?

LED light-up functions and sound effects, including dialogue by Captain Styles taken straight from the film itself, set this ship apart. “Try-Me” packaging is perfect for display, too. Grab this 18-inch piece of Star Trek history today!

Captain (Harry) Styles?

Captain (Harry) Styles?

Two pieces of Hobbit News

The One Ring ( is a little concerned that Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro could go kid-oriented when he directs the upcoming Hobbit movies. Personally, I don’t think anyone who’s seen The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth or even Hellboy 1 or 2 would think Del Toro the type to go that way, so it’s clear TheOneRing is playing this one tongue-in-cheek, but the list it’s come up with is awesome. You can read the whole thing here, but here’s an excerpt…

3. Keep Leonard Nimoy Away From the Soundtrack!
Yes, Nimoy’s version of “Bilbo Baggins” is the greatest music video in history (except perhaps for the DaVinyls “I Touch Myself”). But it’s also exactly the wrong note for the new Hobbit movie.


This is exactly the light-hearted silliness that makes The Hobbit fun to read as a child, but hard to sit through in a feature-length film. Unless Nimoy plays Gandalf. No offense to Ian McKellen, but that would be awesome.


Naturally, they include this video as a chilling reminder…

And in other Hobbit news, remember those bones that were found a couple years back? Small and humanoid, they were dubbed ‘hobbits’ and had even archaeologists and their ilk scratching their heads. Well, a little bit of the mystery has been solved: They weren’t humans at all! The Mirror explains…

Hobbit-like creatures who lived 18,000 years ago were a lot less like us than we thought, say scientists.

Researchers have decided the 3ft 6ins tall tribe from the Indonesian island of Flores are an unknown sub-species of modern man. Their remains caused a sensation when unveiled five years ago and they were dubbed Hobbits after the elf-like creatures in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Some researchers argued they were modern humans with a disorder called microcephaly accounting for their tiny brains.

But analysis of the most complete skeleton, of a female called Flo, suggests she was a different branch of human. Anthropologist Dr Karen Baab said: “Dwarfing syndromes and microcephaly bear no resemblance to the unique anatomy of Homo Floresiensis.”

It is thought the little folk were wiped out 12,000 years ago by a volcano.

And that’s all, it seems, for real-life Hobbit news and the fantasy Hobbit-news we’ll of course be keeping up on–especially when WETA starts sending out the merch! ‘Til then, we do have a wide selection of Lord of the Rings figures and collectibles still available, which of course feature a couple Hobbit/LOTR crossover characters. Look out for ’em.

Star Trek (the 2009 film) Figures!

From the New York Times
Geeks Gone Wild: Spock’s Surprise Appearance at ‘Star Trek’ Screening
By Mekado Murphy

A group of Trekkers in Austin on Monday had a long, prosperous night to remember at the surprise world premiere of Paramount’s new “Star Trek” film.

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, long a destination spot for fanboys and home to the annual Fantastic Fest, had planned for a public screening of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” which was introduced by Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News, as well as Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the screenwriters of the new “Trek” film, and its producer, Damon Lindelof. But as the opening credits rolled on “Khan,” scratches appeared on the print, it became warped and seemingly burned up in the projector, according to a report from the Drafthouse blog.

The lights came back up, and Tim League, a founder of the cinema, told the crowd he would go try to fix the print himself. Then an unannounced guest — Leonard Nimoy himself — came to the stage with a print of the new “Star Trek” film to play instead, three hours before what was to be the film’s official premiere in Australia.

* * *

For those not lucky enough to be in attendance, the wait seems too long–especially for any true Trekkies or Trekkers (there’s a difference!). But until the film arrives in theatres for the rest of us, you can get started on your Trek toy collection (or expand your existing one!) with pre-orders of the upcoming Star Trek Movie action figures…