DEATH TO REAPERS – A New Mass Effect Tee

Today’s TeeFury tee has all the goodness of Mass Effect without any of the ending-related misery.

Of course, you can wear your pride on your sleeve (and the rest of your upper body) and you can also display it on your shelf with these upcoming Mass Effect figures. Pre-order now, they ship out in May!

Mass Effect 2 – Series 1

Though Mass Effect 3 (and its endings) are now behind us, we can try to remember the good times with these upcoming figures from Big Fish. Two waves are coming this Spring and both are pretty amazing. The first one features Male Shepard, Thane, Tali and Grunt while the second will bring Garrus, Legion, Miranda and Mordin. No word on why we don’t have female-Shep, but with Bioware handling so much fallout over their ME3 decisions, we assume they’re just busy.