Transformers Generations Titans Return rounds out Legends Class with three new additions

The long-awaited four-inch figures have arrived! Hasbro brings us Ravage, Rumble and Laserbeak, three indomitable forces of transforming power that are sure to be the new centerpieces of your Transformers Generations collection.

The crew¬†can’t be complete without these three, so don’t miss out! Click on the photo below to add them to your cart.


MORE Transformers: Generations Combiner Wars!

The party clearly isn’t stopping when it comes to the new waves of the Transformers: Generations sub-line. We’ve covered the Deluxe and Voyager Classes, and now it’s time to turn our focus towards the Legends class! These guys are four inches tall, the most minute of this Combiner Wars collection, making them easy to display all at once.

You can nab Windcharger, Bombshell, Thundercracker and Powerglide like it ain’t no thang. Or to be a smart shopper, take advantage of our lovely little package with all four included (shown below)! Don’t wait.

Good things come in fours.

Good things come in fours.