NEW From Sideshow: ODIN and KEVIN FLYNN

Two older, bearded wisemen/Dads have just arrived from Sideshow and Hot Toys, probably not signalling a trend but at least paying tribute to two awesome characters from films from the past year. Check these guys out!

KEVIN FLYNN (or Clu, if you were an original Tron fan), father of Sam, is the pick for anyone who enjoyed Tron Legacy or wants to custom-make a figure of The Dude. As you’d expect from Sideshow, the 12-inch figure comes with an amazing list of features.
* Authentic, detailed fully realized likeness of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in the movie TRON: Legacy
* Stands approximately 30cm tall
* TrueType body with over 30 points of articulations
* Highly detailed hair sculpture
* Hand-painted, movie-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture and mustache
* Five (5) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
* One (1) pair of relaxed palms
* One (1) pair of fists
* One (1) right palm for holding data disc
* One (1) full white costume, including:
* One (1) long sleeved robe with detachable data disc at the back
* One (1) long sleeved shirt
* One (1) pair of pants
* One (1) full black costume, including”:
* One (1) long sleeved jacket with detachable data disc at the back
* One (1) long sleeved robe
* One (1) long sleeved shirt
* One (1) pair of pants
* One (1) pair of detachable black boots
* Two (2) bracelets, (1) white and one (1) black
* One (1) LED light-up hexagonal figure stand with Kevin Flynn nameplate and movie logo (white light, battery operated)*

Next up, Thor’s father, ODIN, was portrayed in the film by the great Anthony Hopkins and he’s lovingly rendered here by Sideshow and Hot Toys. The head honcho in Asgard, Odin really does look both godly and royal in this great 12-inch figure. Plus, take a look at this feature list:
* Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Anthony Hopkins as Odin in the Thor movie
* Stands approximately 30 cm tall
* Muscular body with over 30 points of articulations
* Two (2) styles of hair sculpture, including one (1) for normal occasion and one (1) for wearing helmet
* Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles, skin texture and beard
* Right eye with undetachable eye mask
* Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
* One (1) pair of fists
* One (1) pair for holding spear
* One (1) piece of left palm with pointing finger
* Three (3) pieces of relaxed palms including two (2) left palms with different gestures and one (1) right palm
* Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted
* One (1) undetachable red cape
* One (1) brown upper long-sleeved outfit with stripes and faux-leather details on arms
* One (1) pair of brown pants with stripes
* One (1) copper upper body armor with silver circle chest-plates
* One (1) pair of copper forearm armors
* One (1) pair of dark brown boots with brown and silver stripes
* One (1) electroplated movie-accurate spear
* One (1) copper movie-accurate helmet
* Figure stand with Odin nameplate and the movie logo


BATMAN LEGACYhas arrived with three brand new figures of not-so-brand-new characters. A modern Batman and an old-school Joker and Mr. Freeze make up the first series, which seeks to bring to life the Dark Knight’s past and immortalise both him and his Rogues’ Gallery as they once were. You can get them individually or as a complete set of three, but you’ll want to stay tuned or pre-order the next figures in the line as they present the latest and most mainstream versions of Batman right now. Check ’em out:

Arkham City BATMAN and TWO-FACE