New Batman: Arkham Origins three-pack features Lady Shiva, Electrocutioner and Dr. Harleen Quinzel

Batman! Even the name itself incites excitement. (Well, at least if you’re a geek just like us. But we’re hoping you are.) We’ve got a brand-new three-pack of figures that’s about to rock your collection to the core. Here’s the Batman: Arkham Origins 3-Pack Series featuring Lady Shiva, Electrocutioner and Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

It’s time for the damsels of mayhem to come out and wreak delightful havoc on all who may stand in their way. Lady Shiva and the good Dr. Quinzel stand six inches tall and are based on their appearance in the hit video game. The Electrocutioner looks as wonderfully scary as ever in his gruesome black kit. Grab it now!

Squad goals.

Squad goals.


Sent to destroy Black Canary, WHITE CANARY is both woman and weapon. Sent by Lady Shiva, her Canary Cry is not the rallying shout feared by villains, but a devastating attack on the Birds of Prey!

Standing about 9 inches high and crafted in PVC, the figure is packaged in a 4-colour window box that makes it great for display, whether you take it out of the box or not.