Dead Boomer Ultra

If you enjoy a bit of old-fashioned zombie gore, then look no further! You’ve got everything you need right here.

The Left 4 Dead BOOMER brings the vile, explosive, undead behemoth to…well, we can’t say “life”, can we? He’s about 7 inches tall, comes apart (you love it!) and looks as repulsively awful as L4D fans would want.

Left 4 Dead – THE SMOKER

So named for the coughing and rasping–and possibly a habit he had when alive– the Smoker is one of the most repulsive zombies in Left4Dead. And trust anyone who’s played: that’s saying a lot. So it’s good to know that if your display shelf needs a bit of ugly, we’ve got the solution from NECA.

Standing about 9 inches tall, he’s an intimidating figure, but one who boasts incredible detail. Every tongue or tongue-like appendage. Every boil and tumour. Even the half-face that creepily reminds you that this was once a normal person. It’s a great addition to any collection.

Left 4 Dead – BOOMER Figure

Bursting at the seams, the BOOMER got its name from the way it explodes upon impact, covering the immediate area in pools of toxic bile. Just another of the pleasant little moments that makes Left 4 Dead so grotesquely fun. Now, the morbidly obese, puke-filled Boomer is available for you to take home and display on what can only be described as a very alarming toy shelf. Check him out!

Terrible, isn’t he? Part of NECA’s hugely popular Player Select line, The Boomer stands 7” tall and can be pre-ordered now! He’ll be shipping out in June of this year!