The Exclusive KYLE RAYNER GREEN LANTERN Retro-Action Doll Figure is more than just a mouthful–he’s a fantastic addition to the nostalgic line of toys.

The plush stands about 8 inches tall and features a plastic mask and a nice little bonus in the form of a lantern battery–after all, you wouldn’t want him to be without a power source, right? You never know!

It comes in vintage-style packaging that makes it ideal for display!


Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Mongul, Black Hand, Manhunter Robot, Sinestro Corps Low & Maash and Black Lantern Abin Sur make up the first series of GREEN LANTERN CLASSIC FIGURES, a line that brings all the Lantern Corps and their affiliated characters to life and to your display shelf! Brilliantly sculpted in a uniquely dynamic style that has come to define the DC Universe figures, it’s a line that is sure to please fans. Plus, collecting all of the figures allows you to build an extra-large Build-a-figure of the Sinestro Corps’ vicious drill sergeant, ARKILLO.

Buying them as a set not only makes it a snap to get your hands on the Arkillo figure, but also saves you $13.75! The 6-inch figures make a great addition to any DC-lover’s collection and we can only hope that this first series is just the beginning!

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Figure

Mattel and DC have decided to sort of do an offspring set from the DC Universe Classics toy line and start up Green Lantern toy line which will feature various characters from the Green Lantern comics in an effort to bump up awarness for the movie (i assume). So lets take a look at the very first Green Lantern wave which is currently available from our online store at

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner comes with a green lantern and a giant sword accessory.

Green Lantern: BLACKEST NIGHT Series 6

The sixth Series of DC Direct’s 6-inch BLACKEST NIGHT figures has arrived and is ready to be snagged, either a individual items or as a full set of four. They’re a high-quality, brilliantly-sculpted collection and, together, they create the complete Blackest Night universe and all the Lantern Corps’ that created it. Check out Black Lantern Hawkgirl, Blue Lantern Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman!

And if you’re a big Green Lantern fan, the good news doesn’t stop there! We’ve also just gotten the DC Universe Green Lantern Series 1 in-stock, featuring six awesome figures and a larger-than-life Build-a-Figure to boot. Here’s a look at Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Mongul, Black Hand, Manhunter Robot, Sinestro Corps Low & Maash and Black Lantern Abin Sur! Note, however, that Manhunter Robot might not be available for the first couple weeks, but we’ll be shipping him out the moment he arrives!


Two new figures have just joined the Ame-Comi PVC figure collection and they’re adding a bit of Green Lantern-verse appeal to the line!

STAR SAPPHIRE, Hal Jordan’s longtime love and a superhero in her own right, capable of some pretty incredible things as she uses love, desire and her own brand of awesome to take on any challengers. As Queen of the Zamaronians, she and hers bring a lighter touch to the world of the Lantern Corps.–that is, when she isn’t kicking butt and taking names.

And if you’re a GL fan, then check out JADE, daughter of Alan Scott and lady love of Kyle Rayner, she’s a gorgeous girl who, in this Ame-Comi rendering, seems to be making her own fun.

Jade jams! With a groovy beat and far-out clothes, the daughter of Alan Scott charges the music with a little bit of Emerald Energy.

Classic Green Lantern Figures from MATTEL!

There’s a brand new Green Lantern Classic Figure Series out and available for pre-order over at! It’s a six-figure series you can snag as a set or individually and collecting them allows you to construct the Build-a-Figure Arkillo, the vicious slaver of the Sinestro Corps. Each one stands 6 or 7 inches tall (it happens when you get a bunch of different species together) and features the smooth craftsmanship that DC Direct and Mattel seem to have mastered.

It’s a good time for Green Lantern, really. Blackest Night and Brightest Day are leading the charge in terms of DC events and the upcoming Ryan Reynolds film seems to be quite promising, so it’s no surprise that DC Direct is pulling out all the stops and unleashing a torrent of GL merchandise. Here’s a look at the first series of the Classic Green Lantern collection!