Batman vs Killer Croc

It’s a battle for the ages as the Dark Knight takes on Killer Croc, a vicious, mutated monster of a man who lurks in the sewers below Gotham!

Sculpted by Ray Villafane, this stunning statue features an alternate paint deco on Batman to match his updated look and stands about 17 inches high, making it an incredibly striking piece to add to your rec room.


Though he only made a cameo appearance in ARKHAM CITY, the encounter with Killer Croc in the underbelly of ARKHAM ASYLUM was one of the most nerve-wracking battles in the past few years of video games.

Killer Croc stands about 8 inches tall and features some absolutely incredible detail, from the yellow of his vicious fangs to the speckles of dirt on his asylum-issued uniform. It’s a great addition to any Bat-fan’s collection and a true testament to the quality of DC Direct’s offerings.