The Hunger Games Catching Fire Figures

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Figures

The Series 1 assortment includes Katniss, Peeta and Finnick in their new black and grey arena uniforms. Based directly on the movie, they feature the likenesses of the actors and are accurate to their on-screen depictions. Figures stand approximately 6 3/4? tall; Katniss comes with bow and arrows and Finnick comes with trident spear accessory.

The Hunger Games : Series 2

Katniss, Peeta, Cato and Rue make up the second series of toys based on the hugely successful Hunger Games film adaptation. Crafted by the brilliant designers at NECA, each one is about six inches tall and incredibly sharp-looking, capturing the essence of the character at even so small a scale.

If you’re a fan of the books or the films, you can grab your favourite character here. They’re all in-stock and ship out straight away!


KATNISS, GALE and PEETA are all here in this trio of figures from NECA. Each one is about 6 inches tall and features an impressive likeness of their respective actors. As you might expect, each character comes fully armed and ready. Fans of the books or the upcoming film should definitely snag these now, either individually or as a complete set of three.

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