Add Godzilla’s nemesis Anguirys from Destroy All Monsters to your collection

Now you can own one of the most unforgettable monsters from Godzilla lore! Take a peek at the Godzilla Kaiju Series Destroy All Monsters 1968 Anguirys. This is an extra-special addition to the Plex lineup for only the most classic and die-hard of Godzilla fans.

Godzilla’s nemesis measures 12 inches long in all of his spiny glory, recalling the epic moment he allied with the powerful creature to rock the known world. Based on his aesthetic as seen in 1968’s Destroy All Monsters, Anguirys is sure to bring up some nostalgia. Click the button below to add him to your cart.


Defend any coastline from kaijus with NECA’s Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger

Just in from NECA is this series six Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger, one of the most fearsome Mark-3 American Jaegers to cross the screen in Pacific Rim. Charged with the very important task of defending the coastline of Alaska against attack, this indomitable machine-soldier is essential for humankind to prevail over the kaiju.

Generous articulation makes this guy an essential component of any Pacific Rim collection. What’s more, the left hand is removable and can be interchanged with that of the series four Hong Kong Brawl Gipsy Danger. Battle-damaged aesthetics and a re-tooling upgrade from series five render this seven-inch offering indispensable. Order now!

Dangerous as they come.

Dangerous as they come.

Complete your Pacific Rim collection with this light-up 1/4-scale Striker Eureka Jaeger

Re-live the on-screen machine wars of Pacific Rim with this exclusive, deluxe, 18-inch Striker Eureka! This Down-Under, Mark-5 Jaeger was designed specifically to defend the Australian coastline from the onset of kaiju aggression. Powered by the father-and-son team of Hercules and Chuck Hansen, the Striker Eureka eventually proves its worth by successfully taking out 11 kaiju.

Here, Striker Eureka is rendered in striking detail (pun definitely intended) in accurate 1/4-scale. The largest and heaviest Jaeger figure by NECA thus far, this guy comes to life with blue and red light-up LED features in his head and chest. The digital files used by ILM in the creation of the film were the inspiration for this Jaeger’s design, making him more realistic than ever. Generous articulation will let you re-create your favorite film moments. He’s in-stock now, so snap him up!

Definitely not striking out.

Definitely not striking out.

Start the summer off right with this vintage-style Godzilla bank

Diamond Select Toys have been all about their line of full-sized vinyl kaiju figures lately, and the most recent addition to that line-up comes in the form of a monster who will help you save up for that next tropical getaway! Here’s introducing Mechagodzilla’s number one nemesis, the fearsome 1974 Godzilla.

Toho’s now-classic film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla merits a bit of celebration with this 12-inch-tall and 18-inch-long bank, featuring a back coin slot and a removable tail that cleverly conceals the access door. Don’t be tempted to dip into your stash before you’re ready to book that flight to Cancun, though! Preorder the King of all Monsters for July delivery straight to your home today.

This bank goes harder than Nicki's verse in "Monster".

This bank goes harder than Nicki’s verse in “Monster”.

S.H. MonsterArts debuts fully articulated 1996 Gamera

Gamera is definitely not like the other tortoises. First conceived of in 1965 by Daiei Motion Picture Company as an answer to Toho Studios’ Godzilla, Gamera has become a Japanese icon and representative of the “monster boom” of the 1960s. A prehistoric, shelled creature who feeds on petroleum products to be able to fly and breathe fire, Gamera is quite the creation.

Showcasing the aesthetic of the ’90s heisei series, this five-inch 1996 Gamera from Tamashii Nations’ S.H. MonsterArts line is a must-have. Featuring detailed articulation and design by kaiju sculptor Tomoo Haraguchi, Gamera is perfect for posing. This set comes with plasma effect parts with supports, a flying pose support piece, interchangeable flying appendage parts and a display base.


I thought turtles were supposed to be cute?

All mechanical muscle: Pacific Rim and Sideshow’s Striker Eureka statue

Most people would agree that when your entire continent is under attack from a gigantic monster, you should probably build another gigantic monster to fight it. Right? That’s exactly what Striker Eureka from Pacific Rim was slated to accomplish, with the added bonus of it being the last Jaeger constructed and the only Mark-5 Jaeger ever. All the stops were pulled out for this dude in the movie, and so Sideshow has done the same with this 19-inch deluxe statue figure.

The Skyscraping Soldier of Australia is ready to slice through both bone and steel with Sting-Blades. As this statue was crafted as a collaboration between award-winning director Guillermo del Toro and Sideshow Collectibles, the Striker Eureka looks like it just stepped out of the silver screen. Behold his intricately designed armor and paint deco, underscored by red and blue LED light-up features. Get your hands on this gorgeous statue before it’s too late!

Kaijus are no match for this big boy.

Kaijus are no match for this big boy.

Get ready for this massive Pacific Rim Otachi Kaiju to stomp through

NECA has brought us the latest addition to their highly praised line of Pacific Rim figures, and this one’s a definite doozy. Measuring over 18 inches long, this is a toy that pays real homage to the real on-screen size of the kaijus. The great thing is that Otachi still measures seven inches tall, meaning that he’ll fit right in next to your other figures based on the movie. You can re-create all of your favorite scenes and more with this Otachi Kaiju!

And why wouldn’t you, considering how epic this fatal, Category IV kaiju really is? Not only can he fly, but he can let forth a corrosive stream of toxic acid from his own mouth, reducing the cityscape and Jaeger armor to a puddle. Appropriately enough, he thus comes with an interchangeable tongue to accommodate a sculpted jet of acid. 30 points of articulation attest to his dynamic ability, too, so you don’t want to delay when it comes to this dude.

Fly high, Otachi Kaiju.

Fly high, Otachi Kaiju.